Cancer Coaching

Dear Cancer patient, survivor or caregiver-

A cancer diagnosis is a difficult, life-changing event. Unfortunately, cancer patients don't have time to learn everything they need to know. I can help. I am a 20 year cancer survivor of an "incurable" cancer who has undergone both conventional and non-conventional therapies. I have lived with and managed a host of short, long term and late-stage side effects from my conventional therapies. I have researched evidence-based cancer issues for over 10 years.

My experience has taught me that cancer patients, survivors and caregivers need to learn cancer therapies, (conventional/non-conventional) oncologist lingo, cancer specialists/centers of excellence, diet/lifestyle, supplementation, etc. based on your particular cancer, stage, genetic involvement, age, health, etc. My cancer coaching is personalised for you

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I look forward to working with you. Thank you.

David Emerson
Multiple Myeloma Survivor
Director, Galen Foundation

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