Stage 2 breast cancer with lymph node involvement

I have been diagnosed with level 2 breast cancer with 3 aggressive lymph
nodes and 10 removed. I have undergo first treatment of  Chemotherapy August
22 and has terrible side effects. The nasia med did not help and I ended at
the emerge for 2 nights with intravenous. I was very sick for 2 days and not
well up to 4, yet did not feel myslef through the week and dizzy, no energy.
Just this past Saturday I got more symptoms with fever and extreme pain in my
lower back shooting into my joins. I am afraid to have the next chemo
treatment, as I feel this procedure is killing me. I would like to find out
if there are other affective alternatives or anything that can help to
survive this treatment. I normally do not drink alcohol, drink coffee or
smoke. In general I live healthy life style. I supposed to start the next
treatment soon and hoping to find a solution to this suffering.
Thank you for your time and help in advance.

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