Lung Cancer- Does fruit and vegetable intake make a difference?

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The very first sentence of the study linked and excerpted below is that “Quantification of the association between the intake of vegetables and fruits and the risk of lung cancer is controversial.” As a long-term cancer survivor I am as pro-fruits and veggies as anyone but even I don’t consider fruits and veggies to be a magic bullet.

Twenty plus years managing cancer, cancer relapse, cancer collateral damage and possible secondary cancers has taught me that cancer is all about risks. Your diet can either increase your risks of one or more cancers or it can reduce your risk of certain cancers. Smoking tobacco and drinking alcohol has been studied pretty thoroughly and most everyone agrees that these two will increase your risk of a host of chronic diseases including cancer.

My point is that simply saying that one factor, any single factor, can prevent cancer or prevent a cancer relapse is misleading. The study below clearly indicates that fruit and veggie intake will reduce your risk of a lung cancer diagnosis. But please understand that there is much more to a lung cancer diagnosis that fruit and veggie consumption.

For more information about non-conventional therapies such as fruit and vegetable consumption to reduce your risk of lung cancer diagnosis or a lung cancer relapse, please scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

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David Emerson

Long-term cancer survivor, creator, director PeopleBeatingCancer

The effect of fruit and vegetable intake on the development of lung cancer: a meta-analysis of 32 publications and 20414 cases

Background/Objectives: Quantification of the association between the intake of vegetables and fruits and the risk of lung cancer is controversial.

Subjects/Methods: Pertinent studies were identified by a search in PubMed and Web of Knowledge

Results: 30 articles with 37 studies comprising of 20075 lung cancer cases for vegetables intake with lung cancer risk and 31 articles with 38 studies comprising of 20213 lung cancer cases for fruits intake with lung cancer risk were included in this meta-analysis. The combined results showed that there were significant associations between vegetables and fruits intake and lung cancer risk.

Conclusions: Our analysis indicated that intake of vegetables and fruits may have a protective effect on lung cancer, and the associations were stronger in females.

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