6 Ways You Can Prepare for Cancer Surgery – Both Mentally and Physically

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The “C” in Cancer Surgery Stands For Cure

Cancer is called the dreaded “C” word, but that is no longer the case. People are becoming empowered to take control of their own odds in beating cancer. In today’s technologically advanced world, there is hope – cancer can be cured or at least held in remission. Depending on what cancer disease that you have been diagnosed with, know that one treatment alone is not a panacea.

Your power to beat cancer is a multi-tier treatment with prescriptions, varied therapy treatments, dietary changes, exercises, and more to increase survival rates and to even keep people cancer free. The American Cancer Society has acknowledged that doctors and the medical community are embracing more alternative diagnostic therapies to help their patients.

Six ways To Prepare For Cancer Surgery

If you have been told by your doctor that you have any one of the 100 cancer diseases and you have done everything that your oncologist has asked you to do, we are now at the point of a surgical procedure, don’t be dismayed, there are 6 ways that you can mentally and physically prepare for surgery.

1.After all that you have been going through – ‘stay calm.’ Of course, all you want is to hurry-up and get that disease out of you and you are feeling nearly desperate. Slow down, don’t let the diagnosis of this disease spin you out of control. You have already sought a second opinion and you have been reassured that you are on the right path to recovery. With family or friends (cancer is an ‘it takes a village approach’), take a breath and learn as much as possible about your surgical procedure. Yes, surgical procedures for certain cancers have proven to be a positive step toward healing.

2.No matter how you look at it, cancer surgery of any type is a stressor for the human body. No one likes surgery, but for the many patients who did proceed with this treatment, they are thankful because modern medicine has vastly progressed so that you could be home within a matter of days. First, you will have a pre-assessment appointment where you will meet your surgeon, clinical nurse, physiotherapist, et. al. Ask lots of question both at this meeting and when you enter the hospital, because the more informed you are, the less frightened you will become.

3. Keep your skin clean with preoperative skin antiseptics to help prevent infections. You will be introduced to a bath or shower at the hospital with antiseptic soap, but while you are at home, it is good to pre-treat your skin with antibacterial cleansers. A day or two prior to your surgery, use antibacterial soap to wash from the neck down, do not wash your hair with the antiseptic products. Antibacterial products like “Hibiclens” skin cleanser or pre-surgery soap are approved by the medical profession.

4. Any way you look at it, surgery creates stress in our bodies. Prepare your mind and body with meditation, prayer, and exercise if possible. Even laughter has had profound effects on the psyche and physical health of cancer victims. It was reported in the news that a man about to undergo a cancer surgery, watched comedy programs every day where he laughed and laughed.

Upon examination by his oncologist, they found that his body’s blood levels had lowered. Mind/body/spiritual techniques to relax your mind and body does work. They work to release the endorphins that keep you relaxed, as well as lowering your cortisol levels. Prepare your body for surgery by getting lots of sleep. Take daily walks around the neighborhood. This helps to increase your heart rate, plus you are making in the beauty of nature to give you a relaxing and calming spirit.

5.A pre-surgery readiness also involves a post-operative preparation. After your successful surgery, you are feeling wozzy. Have a friend or a family member in your room who can support you and keep you informed. If they are able to help you with follow-up care and help you follow instructions from your surgeon, this would be great. Communication is vital – therefore if you are unable to talk to your medical team have a support person talk to them for you. Talking helps to avoid any complications.

6.The hardest thing is to hurry-up and wait! Even after your initial recovery is complete, your body needs rest and time to heal. Follow your doctor’s instructions. Take it slow and easy, don’t rush. Yes, it is difficult to turn the reigns of your life over to others but you must take it easy and have others help. Before you know it you can take care of yourself, but for now, you are healing on the road to a new healthier normal after surgery.

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