Proof that Cancer Second Opinion is Critical

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According to George, “Patients diagnosed with cancer should first do research on the type of cancer, treatment, and get a second opinion”

Dear Cancer Coach-I was diagnosed with a rare cancer (clear cell hidradenoma) in 2011.
Doctors wanted to immediately start aggressive chemotherapy, radiation, a
lymph note biopsy,  even though the scans did not show the cancer had spread.


I asked many questions, which made the doctors uncomfortable. I saw another
oncologist for a second opinion; he  took a Pet/CT scan, and  did a complete
examination. He said I did not need therapy treatment, just monitoring every year.

I eat well, exercise and feel fine. I found a lot of valuable
information on the Internet on cancer treatments, scans, staging, etc. which
has helped me a lot.  Patients diagnosed with cancer should first do research
on the type of cancer , treatment,  etc. and have questions prepared  before
they see their oncologist. 


Hi George-

According to the wikipedia definition of Hidradenoma, your cancer is, by definition, benign. You did not need any of the therapies promoted by your oncologist. You were correct to want a thorough second opinion. 

David Emerson

  • Cancer Survivor
  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:


Hidradenoma (also known as acrospiroma, from akral “peripheral” + spiroma “epithelial tumor of sweat gland”) refers to a benign adnexal tumor of the apical sweat gland.[1][2] Another name for Hidradenoma is Cystadenoma and Hydrocystadenomas…”

Hidradenomas are by definition benign, with malignant transformation very rare. When tumors show malignant characteristics, they are known as hidradenocarcinoma.[5] Surgical excision is usually curative and local recurrences are rare, although malignant tumors may metastasize.[3]

Cancer: When Do You Need a Second Opinion, and Why?

“After you’ve been diagnosed with cancer and your doctor has outlined your treatment, you may still have a nagging doubt: what if my doctor is wrong? No matter how much you like or trust your oncologist, it’s natural to wonder if something was missed or if a new treatment is available. If you have any doubts, get a second opinion…


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