Omega-3 fatty acids slow triple-negative breast cancer

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However, they omega-3 fatty acids were dramatically more effective in inhibiting proliferation in the triple-negative breast cancer cell lines.

If you are a triple-negative breast cancer (BC) survivor and you could integrate a therapy into your diet-safely, and inexpensively- that may reduce your cancer cell proliferation by as much as 90%, would you?

If you have been diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer then you probably know that this form of BC can be aggressive and unresponsive to conventional BC chemotherapies. The study linked and excerpted below explains that omega-3 fatty acids work against many forms of cancer in general but against triple negative BC in particular.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. I have remained in complete remission from my “incurable”cancer since 1999 by living an evidence-based, non-toxic, anti-cancer lifestyle based on nutrition, supplementation, bone health and other lifestyle therapies.

One of the supplements that I have taken for years is Life Extension Super Omega-3 with Sesame Lignans and Olive Extract. This formula has been evaluated an approved by Consumerlab.com, an independent testing service. Also, studies show that omega 3 fatty acids are heart and brain health too.

There are many different evidence-based, non-toxic therapies shown to kill BC. Please scroll down the page, post a question or comment. I will reply to you ASAP.

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Omega-3 Fatty Acids Slow Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Cell Proliferation

“The scientists explained that omega-3 fatty acids work against all cancerous cell types, but were seen to be much more effective against the triple-negative cell lines. Proliferation in those types of cells was reduced by as much as 90%…

Sardines, tuna, trout, salmon (oily fish), flax and hemp are examples of foods rich in omega-3s. Several studies have already demonstrated their benefits in undermining the critical mechanisms in cancer cells, specifically those responsible for apoptosis (programmed cell death) and proliferation. Thomas J. Pogash explained that the team’s finding underscores the vital role that compounds commonly found in our foods play in fighting off cancer…

The scientists found that omega-3 and its metabolites undermine proliferation in all cell lines. However, they were dramatically more effective in inhibiting proliferation in the triple-negative cell lines.

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