Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney: 4 Key Questions

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“…since representing mesothelioma can be so profitable to attorneys, it is important that people who have mesothelioma be especially careful selecting attorneys who are really qualified to represent them”

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When I’m asked about PeopleBeatingCancer I like to tell people that I demystify cancer. Most people understand that cancer is a complicated, scary, awful disease. If cancer can be demystified, I figure, then PBC will be helping cancer patients and their caregivers. So when I came across this article on the website called “Scambusters” I almost deleted it. However it occured to me that a mesothelioma diagnosis would mean working with a lawyer and working with a lawyer would mean asking the right questions to choose the right lawyer for you and your goals.

So here you go.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. Scroll down the page to post a question or comment if you would like to learn more about conventional and non-conventional mesothelioma therapies.

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David Emerson

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Questions to ask when selecting a mesothelioma attorney.

A Brief Background on Your Legal Rights Regarding Mesothelioma

“Companies that manufacture products that contain asbestos have known for over 60 years that asbestos can cause serious diseases.

Unfortunately, because many of these companies wanted to increase their profits, they kept this information quiet, thereby seriously endangering their workers.

There are now laws that help protect the workers who have been harmed by their exposure to these asbestos-related products.

However, since representing mesothelioma can be so profitable to attorneys, it is important that people who have mesothelioma be especially careful selecting attorneys who are really qualified to represent them.   Therefore, we have created a list of…

Important Questions to Ask When Selecting a Mesothelioma Attorney-

Question #1:

What is your personal experience in representing mesothelioma patients?   Your goal is to find out how many cases the attorney has actually handled.

You also want to know: how many of these were settled, and how many of these went to trial?   What were the results of each case?

You should ask the same questions about his or her law firm.   You’re goal is to find out about the firm — is this an area the firm specializes in?

Question #2:

Next, you want to ask if the lawyer intends to actually handle your case him or herself.   Many attorneys simply refer these cases to another law firm and receive part of the fee in exchange.   This may not be in your best interest.

Question #3:

A very important question to ask is how expenses and attorney fees will be handled for the case. The process is not fast — preparation for the trial and then the trial itself — will take many months (or even years).

During this time, there will be thousands of dollars of initial costs associated with preparing for the trial, such as travel, hiring expert witnesses, depositions, etc. Ordinarily, the attorney who represents you advances these initial costs that are associated with the preparation and trial.

Most attorney fees in these cases are based on contingency fee contracts. This means that the lawyers receive a percentage of the amount the victim recovers if the suit is successful. If
the suit is not successful, then the attorneys earn no fee.

Question #4:

The next thing to ask is what is involved in this kind of lawsuit. You want to get an overview of the process, and what your role will be in it. You also want to get a sense of how good a communicator the attorney is.

Finally, a lot is at stake financially in these lawsuits. Therefore, it is ordinarily a good idea to interview a number of attorneys before you make a final decision about who will represent you. Consider trying to get at least two or three recommendations so you can make the best decision for you..

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