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Radiation Before Surgery More Than Doubles Mesothelioma Survival

Results of clinical research that treated mesothelioma with radiation before surgery show the three-year survival rate more than doubled for study participants Conventional oncology is based on FDA approved

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Genetic Markers Signal Increased Risk of Cancer, Nothing More…

Genetic Markers may Signal an Increased Risk of Cancer. At the Same Time Nutrition, Supplementation and Lifestyle Can Reduce your Risk of the same Cancer… Do you drink? Ever had a smoke? Gotten

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Mesothelioma Treatment- Think Outside the Box

We previously reported a synergistic anti-proliferative effect of resveratrol and clofarabine against malignant mesothelioma (MM) cells… There are two important things for mesothelioma (meso) survivors

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Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer and fertility

If Adolescents or Young Adults are undergoing chemotherapy and/or radiation a ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure I was originally diagnosed with multiple myeloma at 34 in 1994. My induction

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Cost-effectivness of Immunotherapy for Metastatic Melanoma-

Consider Evidence-based Integrative Therapies to Enhance the Efficacy of  Melanoma Chemotherapy  While Minimizing Toxicity Based on the Wall Street Journal article linked below, a chemotherapy called

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Mammograms Identify Lots of Small Breast Cancer But do They Save Lives?

Annual mammography in women aged 40-59 does not reduce mortality from breast cancer beyond that of physical examination or usual care when adjuvant therapy for breast cancer is freely available. No matter

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