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Non-Toxic Therapy for Colon Polyps

“While the majority of colon polyps will not become cancer, certain types may be precancerous. Having polyps removed reduces a person’s future risk for colorectal cancer” If you have been

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Low-Intensity Pulsed Ultrasound for Improved Cerebral Blood Flow- Brain Health

In both models, the LIPUS therapy markedly ameliorated cognitive impairments associated with improved cerebral blood flow (CBF). “Cerebral blood flow” is an elegant sounding phrase, don’t

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Post Op Chemo Adds Survival to Early Lung Cancer

This meta-analysis demonstrates that postoperative chemotherapy without radiotherapy improves survival of stage I–II, I, and IB non-small cell lung cancer patients, but not for IA… First, the

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Enhanced Cystoscopy for Early Bladder Cancer

Blue Light Cystoscopy (BLC) increases detection rates of carcinoma in-situ and papillary lesions over WLC alone and can change management in 14% of cases… Imagine that you are a newly diagnosed bladder

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Lung Cancer, Immunotherapy, Results, Cost, Side Effects

“They (immunotherapy) cost more than $100,000 a year, can have serious side effects and help only some patients, generally fewer than half. But when the drugs work, responses can be long-lasting,

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Can Your Lumpectomy Spread Breast Cancer?

“Studies have shown a spike in breast cancer metastases 12 to 18 months after a lumpectomy or mastectomy.” Cancer Coach- My mother had DCIS in 2012 and had a lumpectomy along with radiation

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Thyroid, Kidney and Liver Cancer- Toxic/Non-Toxic Angiogenesis Inhibitors

Sorafenib (co-developed as Nexavar), don’t work for everyone,” Landau says. They work well in certain cancers, but not in others (for example, breast cancer). They can also wear off as time goes on.

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For Bladder Cancer Cystectomy, Less Is More

Maguire…was diagnosed with muscle-invasive bladder cancer this year. He was resigned to losing his bladder and having doctors fashion a “neobladder” out of his intestines… The article linked

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Frequent Basal Cell Cancer (BCC) May Mean More Cancer

A total of 40 randomized trials comparing 18 interventions in 9 categories were identified and included in the study. A meta-analysis of mostly low-risk BCC patients was then conducted…” Non-melanoma

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Sugar Feeds Non-small Cell Lung Cancer?

Kim and his collaborators initially set out to investigate differences in metabolism between two major subtypes of non-small cell lung cancer—adenocarcinoma (ADC) and squamous cell carcinoma (SqCC) Is

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Prostate Cancer- 3-3 Gleason, 5.3 PSA, Biopsy- Proton-Beam Therapy?

Hi Cancer Coach- I have been diagnosed with prostate cancer. I am considering proton-beam therapy. According to my diagnosis, I have Gleason score of 3/3, PSA of 5.3, and 2 of 26 needle biopsy sites showing

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Metastatic Renal Cell Carcinoma (RCC)- Promising Remedies?

Thereby, the codelivered nanoassemblies of sorafenib and curcumin provided a promising strategy to enhance the combinational therapy of HCC.” Hi David, I’ve read your article, I have heard before about

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