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In order to thrive, you need to have all of the tools at your fingertips, and that includes evidence-based therapies that go beyond conventional oncology.

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Lung Cancer Chemo and Radiation Synergy Enhances Overall Survival-

people with lung cancer that had already spread to other parts of the body showed that radiation therapy added to chemo dramatically slowed the time until these cancers progressed further According to

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DCIS- Risk of Future Breast Cancer in Either Breast

“(11.9%) of women developed ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence and 127 (4.6%) developed contralateral breast cancer as their first breast event.” You have been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma

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Green Tea Extract and Alzheimer’s Prevention

“We all know that currently there is no cure for Alzheimer’s once symptoms emerge, so our best hope is early intervention…” Green tea extract is a wonder drug. I take it for heart

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Exercise- Non-Medical Intervention for Alzheimer’s

“physical activity, exercise among people already diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer’s, moderate to high-intensity workouts may not only slow down the biological symptoms of Alzheimer’s—but

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Effects of Abusing Anti-Anxiety Pills.

A diagnosis of cancer can cause anxiety. Cancer patients sometimes take anti-anxiety medication potentially leading to addiction.  Every human being may experience a state of mental exhaustion, stress

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3 Things You Need to Consider When Trying to Get the Right Cannabis (medical marijuana) Strains

There are an overwhelming number of states out there who have legalized medical marijuana. If this substance is legal in your state, then you will have to take the time to do a bit of research to find

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Breast Cancer Screening Burdens Elderly

Among people in their 70s and 80s, breast cancer screenings often detect slow-growing tumors that are unlikely to cause problems in patients’ lifetimes. My mom, Mary Emerson, was given a mammorgram

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Electromagnetic Therapy for Metastatic Thyroid Cancer

Cancer-related frequencies appear to be tumor-specific and treatment with tumor-specific frequencies is feasible, well-tolerated and may have biological efficacy in patients with advanced Thyroid Cancer. Thyroid

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