What I wish I knew about Multiple Myeloma treatments 25 years later...

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Multiple Myeloma-“Your Brain after Chemo”

I began experiencing the symptoms of Post-chemotherapy cognitive impairment aka chemobrain in the years that followed my conventional therapies for multiple myeloma I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma

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Stress, Sleep and Multiple Myeloma

While an irritable bladder is the heart of my sleep issues, the real mind stressor that I live with is the threat of either a relapse of multiple myeloma, or a treatment related secondary cancer I was

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Surviving Multiple Myeloma- The Burden of Survivorship and Life After Treatment

Once in a great while you find an article that summarizes your thoughts and feelings about a particular issue.  This article expresses the difficulties of the life of a cancer survivor very well. Few

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Patient Assistance Programs for the Cancer Patient in Need

The article linked below talks about the pluses and minuses of pharaceutical companies subsidizing co-pays. "Drug makers are increasingly subsidizing these "co-pays" — the share of

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Cancer Stem Cell Theory and Multiple Myeloma

One of the primary difficulties of a multiple myeloma diagnosis is that almost every survivor lives his/her life from remission to relapse, from peak to valley.  As soon as we acheive remission, we

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Scalp cooling, Chemo-induced Alopecia, And Surviving Multiple Myeloma Therapy

"Scalp cooling is a 'viable and effective method' for preventing hair loss during cancer treatments and does not appear to pose a risk for scalp metastases, concluded a US overview of 83

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Kyphoplasty/Vertebroplasty- Spine Fractures in Multiple Myeloma

I have always been skeptical of of the term  "evidenced-based" medicine.  When an oncologist states that there is no "evidence" to prove that a given therapy works, or that

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Antioxidants During Multiple MyelomaTreatment- Yes or No?

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