Best Aromatherapy Essential Oil Brands and Benefits of Their Products

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The cosmetics and conventional treatments we use daily can sometimes do us more harm than good. There is a whole list of ingredients and chemicals proven to be harmful, not only to our skin but to our overall health. The industry is ruthless, but we don’t have to fall for it. Aromatherapy essential oil is the answer. 

Day after day, women around the world are turning to natural, home-made products and treatments made with essential aromatic oils. These are highly concentrated chemicals that are distilled from different parts of plants. Ancient medicines knew about these chemicals oils. You can check this source for more information about the use of herbs through history. 

Modern people realized their benefits only through the popularization of natural cosmetics. The composition of these preparations did not fundamentally change; it only adapted to the requirements of the modern market. Since humankind knows about the effectiveness of these preparations for our body and mind for a long time, we will briefly remind you of their usefulness for our overall health.

Relaxing Mind and Body

Science has long proven that certain scents can remind us of a situation from the past and thus awaken certain sensations. Primarily pleasant fragrances affect our long-term memory, cause nice emotions, and make us relive those beautiful moments again. 

Through the nervous system, pleasant smells have a beneficial effect on our body. The inhalation of these aromas triggers various physical reactions in the body and ultimately harmonizes, positively stimulates, and calms us.

Precisely aromatherapy deals with this cognitive ‘phenomenon.’ It is an alternative medical practice that balances the human body and mind, using essential oils of intense scent extracted from plants. Numerous scientific studies have found that the fragrant essences can reduce stress and anxiety, relax the body, but also improve the quality of sleep. 

Sleeping in a room where you sprayed a few drops of essential oil will make you rest continuously and wake up more relaxed in the morning. For therapeutic purposes, the aromas of lavender, mint, and rosemary are most popular essences.

Advice on what to look for when buying branded aromatic essences, check below:


Getting Rid of Headache

Essential oils have slightly analgesic properties and are excellent alternative pain therapy. Depending on what caused the headache, you should choose the aromatic oil that solves a specific problem. The world’s best producers offer preparations obtained from a wide variety of plants.

For example, if the problem is sinuses or stuffy nose, inhale eucalyptus aroma. The oregano plant is beneficial in treating many types of cold. To get faster results, put a few drops of desired oil at the temple of the head or neck, and rub it gently.

For insomnia problems, a lavender essential oil is recommended. For psychosomatic headaches, breathe sandalwood and mint. Whenever you feel uncomfortable pressure and stiffness in your head, apply a few drops of essence to a handkerchief or clothing and inhale.

There are many devices on the market that are used to easily ‘consume’ essential oils. These are various types of vaporizers and diffusers, which are quite handy. They allow you to get your ‘dose’ of essence anytime, anywhere.

Treating Skin Disorders

In addition to inhalation, you can apply plant essences directly to the skin. Essential oils contain small molecules that are much easier to absorb into the surface layer than commercial lotion, so the body gets their benefits faster. 

However, before direct use, it is recommended to use some basic oils (olive or coconut) as diluents. Also, experts from Be Moxe suggest you consult a qualified aromatherapist or doctor before using them. Follow safety guidelines for use, even local ones.

Applying to the skin is a very effective method of treating skin diseases, wounds, or superficial inflammatory conditions. Immortelle is known for its anti-inflammatory properties. Tea tree and chamomile can help alleviate the discomfort caused by psoriasis, such as itching and peeling of the skin. Geranium oil helps revitalize the epidermis.

It is important to note that commercial essences are more concentrated than those used in history, due to better distillation technology we have today. The number of brands that have included these preparations in their offer is significant, and these products can be purchased everywhere.


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