Better Overall Health Allows For Much Higher Chances Of Winning

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“The best habits to have are exercise at least every other day, eating healthy, and do not smoke or drink. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, it can be as simple as a walk…”

It is important to have healthy habits, whether we are healthy or ill. When we are ill it is even more important to live healthily. The fact is that living healthy can help improve our overall health.

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Habits such as smoking and drinking are bad for all of us. Bad for our health. It is even worse to pick up these habits or continue these habits when battling a disease as fierce as cancer. To have the best possible odds of defeating a malignancy, it is very important to keep our bodies healthy and free of toxins such as cigarette smoke and alcohol.

Even when we are healthy young adults, the toxins contained in cigarettes and in alcohol can stay in our bodies for a long time. While the question of  how long do alcohol stay in your system consists of a matter of hours, the effects of chronic dependency are long-term. The more often we take in these toxins into our bodies, the longer they linger and can negatively affect our overall health. Living healthy is the best option, especially when we are recovering from a terminal illness such as cancer, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle gives our bodies the capabilities of recovering from illness more quickly. Perhaps it holds the key to recovering at all. While the words “recovery. terminal illness …” seem to conflict with one another, it’s indeed possible to recover from late-stage cancer and survive for years past expectations. Our entire immune system is much stronger when we exercise, eat healthily, and live healthily. Studies have shown that while undergoing any type of treatment for illnesses such as cancer, living healthy allowed the body to take to the treatment much better.

The reason may be because when we have toxins in our bodies, the body may be too busy trying to get rid of the toxins. Our body when we are ill is already delicate. In a sense, we are making our body work ten times harder to not only get healthy from illness, but to also get rid of any toxins we put into our bodies.

Living health can also increase our chances of being candidates for more medical treatments apart from someone that is unhealthy. A patient that is a non-smoker and non-drinker is viewed as having a higher chance of overcoming an illness, even overcoming a terminal illness. The healthier patient will be given more options of survival versus a patient that smokes or drinks because they may not have a chance to live as long as the other patient no matter what medical treatments they are offered. As harsh as that sounds, it is just one reality of having any type of illness.

These reasons and many more reasons are why we should live a healthier lifestyle. Not only when we are patients dealing with medical issues, but in the present. It is important to start living healthy now, so that down the road if we have to live a healthy lifestyle, it is easier to live it when the healthy habits are already in place. It is much more difficult to start from scratch and build these habits when ill than it is to continue the healthy habits we are already working on every single day.

The best health habits to have are exercise at least every other day, eating healthy, and do not smoke or drink. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous, it can be as simple as a walk. Eating healthy can start out by just cutting out the junk and not having it every day. Seek medical help if one finds it difficult to stop smoking or drinking. The benefits of having these habits are obvious, and the earlier we start these habits the easier it is to keep living healthy.

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