Bladder Cancer- Oncologist or Urologist?

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From: Beverly 
Subject: Bladder Cancer

Hi David-
On January 22nd I had tumors removed and chemo inserted in my bladder. Pathology stage 1. 
March 1st I’m scheduled for another surgery to scrape again, look for growth or return and insert a bacteria form from TB.
My doctor and surgeon is a urologist which I feel very confident with.  My question is at what point is an oncologist bought in and who initiates it?

Hi Beverly-
I am sorry to read of your bladder cancer diagnosis. However, if your stage was 1 and your bladder cancer is low grade, you have excellent chances of living a long life. 
Do you know how many tumors were removed from your bladder on January 22? Do you know the size of the tumors that were removed? When you say “ insert a bacteria form from TB” I take you to mean that you will undergo BCG vaccine therapy.
Regarding your question “My question is at what point is an oncologist bought in and who initiates it?” My guess is that your urologist is consulting with oncologists at your hospital. If you would like to speak to an oncologist in addition to your urologist, which makes sense, you simply need to have your urologist recommend one or find one on your own. 
My point is that it is the normal practice to have a cancer “team” that helps you. Your oncologist can help coordinate your team. In addition, I can provide research and information about both conventional and non-conventional bladder cancer therapies. My experience has shown that a spectrum of therapies from anti-angiogenic nutrition to antioxidant supplementation to enhance BCG therapy to other lifestyle therapies will increase your quality of life while reducing your risks of bladder cancer relapse.
Let me know if you have any other questions. 
David Emerson
Cancer Coach

Hello David!
Thank you for your prompt response! You’re correct as far as the BCG vaccine therapy.  I am stage 1 and only see high grade in the report below. To my knowledge 3 tumors were removed along with at least 20 microscopic ones, a third of my bladder lining was removed, as I understand, that will grow back. I scheduled an appointment next week with a highly regarded oncologist. 
I would be interested in any therapies you can share with me. I’ve used herbs and supplements as needed for decades and until now rarely had any medical issues. Below is the pathology report, which I’m sure you understand better than I can.   I look forward to hearing from you and I welcome any recommendations and options you provide. Thanks again for responding.

Hi Beverly-
I agree with your reading of your pathology report- yes you are stage 1 and yes your tumors are high grade. At your appointment next week please ask your oncologist to explain “invading” into muscles yet “not involved.” Please confirm with your onc. but my understanding is the your prognosis and therapy depends on 1) stage (good) 2) grade (not so good) 3) and whether or not your cancer breaks through your bladder wall. 
Those therapies, both conventional and non-conventional, and the aggressiveness of your therapies will depend on your diagnostic factors. Meaning, if your diagnosis was stage 1 and low grade tumors then you might not have much to worry about. But if your cancer is high grade and therefore more aggressive and may have spread beyond your bladder, you may want to undergo more therapies and more aggressive therapies. 
Depending on your needs, if you would like more therapy ideas for you to consider (those supplements that work integratively with your chemotherapy, those supplements/herbs/essential oils/nutrition that is cytotoxic to cancer or to bladder cancer, etc.) please go to PeopleBeatingCancerCoaching.org , click on the upper tab “cancer coaching” and click the blue circle. 
Once you are a member of PeopleBeatingCancerCoaching I can spend more time researching your case and providing therapies for you. 
Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks.
David Emerson
Cancer Coach

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