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Cancer Genetics, Immunotherapy in Lung Cancer-

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“Most cancer treatment is governed by the location of the tumor; some drugs are for breast cancer, others work better against lung cancer, for example…”

If you have been diagnosed with lung cancer you probably know that oncology has few if any tradition treatments to offer that are truly curative. Yes, surgery can debulk your visible tumor but there is always the worry of cancer cells that have traveled into your system.

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If you are a lung cancer patient you should understand the science of genetics (basically) and then what immunotherapy may be able to do for you.

The basic concept portrayed in the 60 Minutes story linked below by Sanjay Gupta is the central idea in cancer diagnostics and treatment today. At least the idea or concept is central anyway. Even if the practice is not part of the average cancer patient’s experience…yet.

Having watched the 60 Minutes story just now I decided two things- first, Dr. Pat, as he is called, does a good job of explaining the concept of cancer genetics. Coupled with the video, cancer patients and caregivers should get a good understanding of the basic concept.

I am a survivor of an incurable cancer called multiple myeloma. I underwent several years of standard-of-care therapy for my cancer, “failed” and then researched and pursued a number of evidence-based, non-conventional therapies. I reached complete remission in April of ’99 where I have remained since.

As important as it is for you to learn about immunotherapy it is also important for you to learn about evidence-based, non-toxic, non-conventional therapies for lung cancer.

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David Emerson

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Genetics of cancer

“Cancer is a genetic disorder in which the normal control of cell growth is lost. Cancer genetics is now one of the fastest expanding medical specialties. At the molecular level, cancer is caused by mutation(s) in DNA, which result in aberrant cell proliferation…”

DISRUPTING CANCER…Dr. Soon-Shiong, Turning Heads With More Unconventional Ways Of Treating The Disease He Hopes To Conquer

“Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong has already struck a blow against cancer, inventing a drug to fight the disease that’s helped to make him the richest man in Los Angeles. Now the surgeon and entrepreneur is using nearly a billion dollars of his fortune to go full throttle into an unconventional method of fighting cancer that he hopes will make it a chronic, treatable disease instead of a death sentence…

Most cancer treatment is governed by the location of the tumor; some drugs are for breast cancer, others work better against lung cancer, for example. Soon-Shiong has built an infrastructure to enable his researchers to map the entire genome of individual tumors, a process that once could have taken months but with new supercomputers can be done in a day. The idea is to learn as much about a tumor’s mutations so the bad mutations can be identified. It’s thought that by classifying the cancer by its mutations, each bad mutation can be seen as a separate disease to treat individually with specifically designed drugs…”


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