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Cannabidiol: Medically Necessary

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“Cannabidiol doesn’t contain the euphoric chemicals in it that gets you high like tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in what’s otherwise known as THC.”

Cannabidiol aka medical marijuana aka C-B-D oil.

Marijuana, the word alone causes mixed reactions. Historically in the past, Marijuana was used for just about everything. Up until recently, it was considered a harmful drug with no medical benefits due to lack of studies on Marijuana. Others, however, seem to disagree with that and prefer it to most modern medicine today. Thanks to medical cannabis research, time, and technology we can all now conclude that marijuana, in fact, can help those who may need it.

Many people have been resorting to this as opposed to other medicines to reap the benefits of this natural remedy. Studies have shown that one of the chemicals in marijuana called Cannabidiol (C-B-D) can be extremely beneficial when administered to patients with serious illnesses. It also really seems to work well with patients receiving chemotherapy treatment as well as HIV patients.

Cannabidiol (C-B-D) doesn’t contain the euphoric chemicals in it that gets you high like tetrahydrocannabinol, the active ingredient in what’s otherwise known as THC. C-B-D oil extract is used worldwide for people with various types of epilepsies that are hard to treat and cancer patients. Studies have shown that it can give relief to the horrible effects of chemo, helping ease their nausea and neuropathic pain along with many other side effects of depression and anxiety.

These studies are just the beginning of many to come as medical professionals dig into the core of Cannabidiol, which has so far been able to slow down or even kill certain types of cancer cells! The future looks promising with medical advancements, giving hope to families across the world. When it comes to family, your little companions should also be taken into consideration am I right? Just imagine if your furry friend was also affected by cancer and was given C-B-D? Can you imagine how much that can help? It’s bad enough they have cancer and can’t tell you how they feel, but to have to suffer through the side effects of strong medicines. There was a viral video online of a dog suffering from a seizure and his owner recorded himself giving him medical C-B-D. In seconds, the dog was calm, and the seizure was gone. This dog along with many others are now able to find help for their conditions.

Medical cannabis research is revolutionizing and creating new avenues of medical treatment for millions of people as well as pets. Everyone is seeing the good in a once-upon-a-time bad drug, now an option everyone wants to “go green” for. Whether your dog or cat is suffering from serious illnesses like cancer or other medical conditions like arthritis, there are solutions out there to soothe their pain. For instance, Canna-Pet is an anti inflammatory for dogs which can be beneficial for dogs with arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or inflammatory joint disease.

Patients all over are turning to the natural hemp extract, traveling far and wide for treatment. The best success rate than the other leading medicines out there, with no side effects or damage to vital organs. The safer, more natural option is growing more and more popular and it continues to grow.

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