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Ed Mitchell’s Story of Esophageal Cancer- Conventional, Non, Mind-Body, etc.

I fired Dr. T. and told him that if someone hangs up a shingle as primary care doctor and doesn’t know the symptoms of esophageal cancer, then he shouldn’t be in the business. In 1994 I was

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Jan Pederson- Ovarian Cancer Treatment at Cancer Treatment Centers of America

“She asked me if I had backaches. I told her that yes, sometimes I did. She told me that my symptoms could be ovarian cancer and that I should see a doctor” In February 2003, I met a woman

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Gene Breslow, Bladder Cancer Diagnosed- Partial Cystectomy

The exam identified a mucous growing and a thickening in the wall of the bladder. A biopsy was done and the diagnosis was invasive adenocarcinoma of the bladder (bladder cancer).   Gene’s Story: In

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Breast Density Risk Factor for Breast Cancer. Tamoxifen Therapy to Reduce Risk?

PMD (percent of mammographic density) is the percentage of breast density that shows up on a woman’s mammogram.  It has long been known that dense breasts make it more difficult to get an accurate

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