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Cryotherapy for Early Breast Cancer-Solution to Over Treatment

Many patients with breast cancer have relatively non-aggressive disease, but are overtreated,” especially older women… “The solution is to have a treatment option that provides a solution with

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DCIS Lumpectomy- Atypical Hyperplasia, Clear Margins. Suggestions?

“However, anti-hormonal therapy (tamoxifen, anastrozole) in DCIS causes an increased morbidity without a reduced mortality” Hi Cancer Coach- I was diagnosed by sterotactic biopsy with Ductal

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DCIS + Lumpectomy + Radiation Reduces Mortality At What Cost!?

“How exactly radiotherapy affects survival (of DCIS patients)  is an important question that should be explored in future studies.” The DCIS study linked and excerpted below is an excellent example

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Why Breast Cancer Research Can’t Be Trusted

A new study suggests that “an estimated 20 percent of breast cancer patients in the United States who receive radiation after they undergo breast-conserving surgery may not have their radiation treatments

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DCIS- Risk of Future Breast Cancer in Either Breast

“(11.9%) of women developed ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence and 127 (4.6%) developed contralateral breast cancer as their first breast event.” You have been diagnosed with ductal carcinoma

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DCIS and Overtreatment Therapies- Reduce Risk or Not?

There is considerable disagreement about the treatment of DCIS.  Some believe that nearly everyone with DCIS, regardless of its characteristics, should be treated with either mastectomy or lumpectomy

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DCIS Is Not Breast Cancer, and Might Not Require Surgery

Tens of thousands of women are having surgery – sometimes even having both breasts removed – to treat a condition that is unlikely to ever become life-threatening. In fact, a recent study concluded

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Axillary Node Dissection in DCIS Offers Little Prognostic Information

I was stunned when I first found out that lymph nodes were being sampled for those with many forms of DCIS.  The axillary node dissection which was used in the earlier years of this study has a high

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Testing Predicts DCIS Relapse

Two recent articles report on a new study that suggests that, because of a series of tests, many women diagnosed with DCIS may be able to forgo some of the usual treatments. Breakthrough Method Predicts

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Regression of Ductal Carcinoma In Situ (DCIS) with Evidence-Based Non-Toxic Therapies

“…and offers evidence that CAM therapies may be of value in preventing progression of DCIS to invasive breast cancer…” Many women diagnosed with DCIS wonder if their diagnosis increases

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