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Solitary Plasmacytoma of Bone (SPB) Prognosis, Treatment, Risk of MM?

“According to the guidelines for the treatment of SPB, radiation remains the mainstay of the treatment.1, 18, 19 And radiotherapy provides long‐term local control in patients with SPB.18“ Single

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Prostate Cancer Biopsy- “…piss blood for a week, and shit blood for a day.”

The results of my PCa biopsy will be discussed at our next scheduled appointment, a month later.  I go home to piss blood for a week, and shit blood for a day. So with that procedure done (cystoscopy),

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Prostate Cancer…Seriously Uncomfortable Cystoscopy…

“It’s also because the results from the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, which can be part of the screening, may lead to a misdiagnosis of prostate cancer…” I needed to find a

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SBP, MGUS, SMM- Best Imaging Methods

“Our study confirms that WB MRI detects skeletal disease in a higher number of treatment-naïve (Multiple Myeloma) patients than PET/CT..” The study linked and excerpted below is studying the

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SMM or MM- What’s the difference?

Multiple myeloma is defined as smoldering (asymptomatic) or active (symptomatic). The NCCN criteria for smoldering multiple myeloma are as follows  The presence of any of the CRAB criteria or any of

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Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis- Too Old for Stem Cell Transplant?

“multiple myeloma patients aged 70 years or older undergoing autologous stem cell transplantation have better progression-free survival but no difference in OS compared to patients who do not undergo

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MGUS Diagnosis In Over 50- Over 5%!

“…enabled detection of MGUS in 5.1% of the members of the community tested in the Olmsted County screening study cohort in the age group of 50 years or older.” According to the research

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Stage 1 Myeloma- B2M, Albumin, Survival?

“Survival rates vary significantly by stage of the disease. Those with serious cancers (multiple myeloma) who are in stage 1, for example, may have better survival rates than those with stage 2 or

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Familial Multiple Myeloma Survivor Increases Your Risk of MM

“The study published online today in Blood offers the first evidence that such familial risks exist across the spectrum of hematologic malignancies (MM).” Second only to “Why did I get

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Stage 3 Myeloma Diagnosis w/ Kidney Disease

“Studies have also shown that bortezomib (velcade) is also effective in patients with MM who present with renal failure (kidney disease). Hello Mr.Emerson- My name is Tammy. I’m writing this

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