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Articles That Discuss heart disease

Sleep Problems- Heart Failure-5 Fixes

“According to Markham, most people with heart failure figure out their best sleep position through trial and error. Here are 5 things to try if you have heart failure and are struggling to get a

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Chemotherapy-induced Heart Failure- Rehab?

I was diagnosed with chemotherapy-induced cardiomyopathy aka heart failure (HF) in late 2010. I had undergone anthracycline, cytoxan and melphalan chemotherapy as part of my conventional multiple myeloma

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Chemotherapy-Induced Cardiomyopathy- Arjuna/Hawthorn

“Extensive research demonstrates that the botanical extracts Hawthorn and Arjuna deliver optimum support for normal heart muscle function and coronary artery health…” In early 1994 I

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Sauna, Heart Health, Longevity

“Frequenting the sauna appears to be connected to a reduced risk of number of cardiovascular conditions including heart failure and coronary heart disease and ultimately lead to enhanced longevity…” The

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Catheter Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation-How long does it last?

“sinus rhythm was achieved in 58% of atrial fibrillation patients after a single procedure, 8% of whom were on antiarrhythmic medications, and in 88% of patients after multiple procedures…” Is

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Catheter Ablation for Afib Hurts More Than Helps?

“In 2019, we do AF catheter ablation to improve quality of life. QOL is a reasonable endpoint, but it is more susceptible to the placebo effect.” I’ve lived with atrial fibrillation since

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Cardiac Rehab for Cancer Patients

“implement a multi-level approach to cardiac rehab, which includes exercise; nutritional counseling; and management of weight, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and smoking” If you are

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Cardioprotective Agents Against Anthracycline Cardiotoxicity

Clinical research and practical observations indicated that the cardiotoxicity of anthracyclines is commonly progressive and irreversible. “Anthracycline cardiotoxicity is commonly progressive and

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Congestive Heart Failure- Coenzyme Q10

“Therapy with coenzyme Q(10) was associated with a mean 25.4% increase in exercise duration and a 14.3% increase in workload.” Coenzyme Q10. Its a vicious circle. Conventional heart meds can

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