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Articles That Discuss Lung Cancer

Cryotherapy for Lung Cancer Mets to the Lung

Lung Cancer Patients May Need Effective Therapies to Manage their Lung Cancer if it Metastasizes (spreads) Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive cancers and depending on the stage at diagnosis, can

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Prevent Chemoresistance, Relapse Lung Cancer

Researchers have now discovered that circulating lung cancer tumor cells combine, making previously chemo-sensitive cells into chemo-resistant cell complexes For those people who respond to chemotherapy

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Stage II-IIIA Non Small Cell Lung Cancer? Buy Time with Mix of Therapies

“The targeted therapy gefitinib appears more effective in preventing recurrence after lung cancer surgery than the standard of care, chemotherapy” A lung cancer diagnosis of stage 2 or 3 is

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Lung Cancer Immunotherapy Side Effects-

All FDA Approved Cancer Therapies for Lung Cancer (LC)  Have Side-Effects. Most are Negative. Once in Awhile a Side-Effect Can Make you Look Younger- Make no mistake. Conventional cancer therapy will

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LDCT- Over-diagnosis, Over-Treatment?

The question is not if low-dose computed tomography (LDCT) results in over-diagnosis and/or over-treatment of lung cancer. The question is what, if anything, can should the newly diagnosed lung cancer

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Shikonin Mixture Inhibits Growth of Lung Cancer

The clinical observation showed that shikonin mixture could inhibit the growth of lung cancer (LC) and improve the immune function of the body… In my experience, cancer patients must try to evaluate

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Improve Lung Cancer Surgery with PreOperative Exercise

Surgical Removal of Early-Stage Lung Cancer can be Curative- Reduce Your Risk of Complications with Pre-Habilitation- Starting in about 2015, I began to read studies about a concept called Pre-habilitation.

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Advanced Lung Cancer Benefits Little from Expensive New Drugs-

Expensive Lung Cancer Drugs are the Main Reason Why I Cancer Coach. Learn What Therapies, Conventional or Non-Conventional, New or Old, are the most Effective- Lung cancer is an aggressive, complicated

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Lung Cancer- Mitigate Radiation Pneumonitis, Sensitize Tumor

The results indicate that Lipo-cur can effectively mitigate Radiation Pneumonitis, reduce fibrosis, and sensitize lung cancer cells to irradiation Lung cancer is an aggressive forms of cancer.

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Lung Cancer Perioperative Rehabilitation Therapies Work

“lung cancer patients facing a curative surgery may be able to help themselves ensure a better outcome with simple preoperative or pre-operative — care before, during and after surgery” The

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Purpuric Skin Eruptions caused by EGFR inhibitors in Lung Cancer

“The most common cutaneous reaction pattern with the EGFR inhibitors is a diffuse papulopustular acneiform eruption, which is noted in more than two-thirds of lung cancer patients…” My

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Lung Cancer and CT Scans-Are they worth it?

“There was 354 lung cancer deaths among those who received CT scans and 442 among those who got X-rays.” I will be honest. I read studies all the time that indicate that early screening for

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