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Articles That Discuss Pancreatic Cancer

Cachexia Prevention- Pancreatic Cancer

“More than 80% of patients suffer from significant weight loss at diagnosis and over time develop severe cachexia. Early nutritional support is therefore essential.” A diagnosis of pancreatic

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Pancreatic Cancer- Hyperthermia

Bathing your Pancreatic Cancer is hot chemo may be more effective than circulating chemo throughout your entire body… Makes sense to me.  Pancreatic Cancer is one of the, if not the most difficult

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Site-Specific Chemo-Pancreatic Cancer For Surgical Removal

In a study of laboratory models of pancreatic cancer (PC), the researchers found the “site-specific chemo approach” was 12 times more effective in reducing tumor size than traditional IV drug

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Evidence-based, Non-conventional Pancreatic Cancer Therapy

The article linked and excerpted below talks about one of many evidence-based but non-conventional therapies that kill pancreatic cancer. Sometimes I think that patients who have been diagnosed with incurable

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Herbal Extract Kills Pancreatic Cancer Cells

Pancreatic Cancer Diagnosis? Look Beyond Conventional Therapies…Consider Evidence-based but Non-Conventional Therapies Such as Triptolide I have nothing against conventional oncology. Really I don’t.

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Folfirinox Adjuvant to Surgery in Pancreatic Cancer

adjuvant modified FOLFIRINOX therapy in the PRODIGE 24 trial have now changed the standard of care for many patients with resectable tumors… To say that Folfirinox (FOL) for early pancreatic cancer

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Non-Conventional Pancreatic Cancer

“Triterpenes from P. cocos demonstrate anticancer and anti-invasive effects on human pancreatic cancer cells and can be considered as new therapeutic agents- Pancreatic cancer (PC) is an aggressive

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Does Collagen Cause Pancreatic Cancer?

On the other hand, preclinical and clinical studies have demonstrated that collagen may slow the development of (pancreatic cancer) cells to some extent under some conditions.  Hi David- What about the

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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Pancreatic Cancer

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) ablation might be a potentially effective and safe therapeutic option for the patients with unresectable LAPC. High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound has come along

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Pancreatic Cancer- Complementary Therapies

Conventional Oncology has Little to Offer the Pancreatic Cancer Patient Beyond Ineffective Chemotherapy Regimens that Cause Short, Long-term and late Stage Side Effects- My guess is that if you are reading

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Genetic Profiting in Pancreatic Cancer- Potential…

Treatment based on genomic profiling, also known as precision medicine, may hold the promise of improved outcomes for a subset of patients with pancreatic cancer. Genomic profiling for pancreatic cancer

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Chemo-induced Skin Rash in Pancreatic Cancer

“Skin rash developed shortly after starting treatment (for pancreatic cancer) seemed to be associated with better efficacy and might be used to assist clinical decision-making…” Treatment-related

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