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MGUS, SMM, MM Kidney Health

“Renal Impairment represents an independent negative prognostic factor in MM…Renal recovery and haematologic response are the strongest markers associated with patient survival… Targeting

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SMM- Chemo vs. Observation Trial

“The frequency of second primary malignancies was higher in patients in the treatment group than in those in the observation group (six of 63 patients)..” Early or deferred treatment of smoldering

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MGUS, Bone Pain, Scan, Apply Therapies

“Early identification of MGUS and evaluation of bone status will facilitate prophylactic treatment with bisphosphonates to increase bone density and likely reduce the risk of fractures” I agree

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Managing MGUS w/ Curcumin

“Fifty percent (5 of 10) of these (MGUS) patients had a 12% to 30% reduction in their paraprotein levels, while on curcumin therapy. In addition, 27% of patients on curcumin had a >25% decrease…” Hi,

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MGUS- Kidney, Bone, Blood, Skin Damage

For people with MGUS, there is an increased incidence of fracture, kidney damage, bacterial infections and thromboembolic complications aka blood clots- I must be slow. I don’t understand the

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Iron Deficiency- MGUS, SMM & MM- Intravenous Vitamin C, Curcumin?

Or to put this differently, IVC and Velcade both work better,  kill more monoclonal proteins, if you have normal iron blood levels. Hi David- A quick question about Intravenous Vitamin C (IVC).  I have

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Solitary Plasmacytoma of Bone (SPB) Prognosis, Treatment, Risk of MM?

“According to the guidelines for the treatment of SPB, radiation remains the mainstay of the treatment.1, 18, 19 And radiotherapy provides long‐term local control in patients with SPB.18“ Single

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Rice Bran (MGN-3), Curcumin Kill MGUS, SMM-

“We conclude that MGN-3 and curcumin synergize in the induction of U266 cell apoptosis. This data may establish the foundation for in vivo studies that could have therapeutic implications…” Diagnoses

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What Do MGUS, SMM & Covid-19 Have In Common? Supplementation Reduces Risk

While Pre-MM (SBP, MGUS and SMM) and virus’ such as the flu and the coronavirus are two completely different health problems, they are remarkably similar when it comes to managing them. When I talk

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Dark Coffee- Bone, Liver, Kidney, Brain Health for the MM, Pre-MM Survivor

Coffee (COF) reduces the risk of a diagnosis of cancer, improves my BMD, improves my kidney/liver  function, helps my brain speed and tastes great… When I was first diagnosed with a single bone

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