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Articles That Discuss side effects ID and prevention

High-dose Cytoxan- Chemobrain, Painful Bladder-

“Acute haemorrhagic cystitis occurs in 30 per cent of patients receiving high dose cyclophosphmide . The case highlights that late and severe haemorrhagic cystitis can develop even when cyclophasphamide

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CBD Oil- Mental Health & Wellbeing

I am a long-term survivor of Multiple Myeloma, an incurable blood cancer. From the tine of my diagnosis in early 1994 until my oncologist told me “there is nothing more we can do for you, “

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Chemotherapy-Induced CardioVascular Disease

“…deaths from cardiovascular disease among cancer patients…has shown that more than one in ten cancer patients do not die from their cancer but from heart and blood vessel problems instead…” The

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Pediatric Cancer- Chemo-Induced Heart, Brain

“Eight of 10 pediatric cancer survivors had abnormal findings on brain, heart, and bone images, including six patients with and two patients without clinical symptoms.” Though the study linked

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Steroid-Induced Shoulder Avascular, Osteonecrosis: I.D. Therapies

Steroid-induced shoulder avascular or osteonecrosis is one of a string of long-term and late stage side effects that occurred during the years after my conventional therapies following my multiple myeloma

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Coffee, CVD, Stroke- Studies?

“But drinking moderate amounts of coffee is linked to lower rates of pretty much all cardiovascular disease, contrary to what many might have heard about the dangers of coffee or caffeine…” I

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Cardiac Rehab- Omega 3 Fatty Acids

“These findings provide further insights regarding the impact of omega-3 PUFAs administration on left ventricle performance indices, systemic inflammation and fibrosis biomarkers in patients with

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Coffee, Afib, Cardiomyopathy and Cancer Survivor

The latest research suggests drinking your morning cup of coffee/joe/java is safe for your heart, and may even be good for it. When it comes to coffee and heart issues, I am the proverbial canary in a

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Prostate Cancer Biopsy- “…piss blood for a week, and shit blood for a day.”

The results of my PCa biopsy will be discussed at our next scheduled appointment, a month later.  I go home to piss blood for a week, and shit blood for a day. So with that procedure done (cystoscopy),

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Prostate Cancer…Seriously Uncomfortable Cystoscopy…

“It’s also because the results from the prostate-specific antigen (PSA) test, which can be part of the screening, may lead to a misdiagnosis of prostate cancer…” I needed to find a

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Fibromyalgia and CoQ10

“After CoQ10 treatment, the patient reported a significant improvement of clinical symptoms… Our results suggest that CoQ10 could be an alternative therapeutic approach for Fibromyalgia.” Conventional

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High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) for Prostate Cancer

Newly Diagnosed Prostate Cancer Patients Owe It to Themselves to Learn About Both Conventional and Non-Conventional Therapies  You’ve been diagnosed with prostate cancer. Your biopsy, PSA and Gleason

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