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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Articles That Discuss Survivors

Extramedullary Tumors In Multiple Myeloma

Experts have yet to reach a consensus regarding the optimal treatment modality for extramedullary plasmacytoma (EMP). Current guidelines stipulate… Dear Cancer Coach- I am a 6 year survivor of multiple

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Multiple Myeloma Therapy- Melatonin

“Melatonin (MEL), the main hormone produced by the pineal gland, seems to exert antineoplastic activity both in vitro and in vivo. A restless night’s sleep is an all-to-common side effect of

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Second Primary Cancer among Esophageal Cancer Patients

Background: The objective of this study is to assess the risk of second primary cancers following a first primary esophageal cancer as well as the risk of esophageal cancer as a second primary, following

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Breast Cancer-Post Double Mastectomy Lymphedema Therapy

During this misery I started to work with a personal trainer. Long story short he started me lifting weights and the lymphedema is GONE. The post below was written on January 10th, 2010 by a family member

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Breast Cancer Survivors and Weight Lifting… Who knew?

Breast Cancer Survivors Who Lift Weights Strengthen Bones, Reduce the Risk of Relapse, Reduce the Risk of Side Effects and More… Mastectomy, toxic chemotherapy, radiation, and other standard-of-care

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Multiple Myeloma- Tig Notaro’s Comedic Brand of Mind-Body Therapy

“The point here was not merely to shock, as quickly became clear. In fact, it was to convince us that there is nothing to be shocked about. For the next 30 minutes, Ms. Notaro told jokes so funny

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Managing Mental Health as a Cancer Survivor

Toxic chemotherapy and radiation create long term side effects for cancer survivors

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Coffee Reduces Cancer Risk, Improves Brain Health, and Smells Great!

“The best part of waking up…is COFFEE reducing your risk of neurodegeneration and depression, and cancer, and cardiovascular disease… Coffee (COF) is good for you!?  Ironically,  Death

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Team PBC at the Cleveland Marathon 2016

Let’s face it. I couldn’t run PeopleBeatingCancer if it were not for donor support. Thank you everyone listed below. I am a long-term survivor of an incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma.

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End-stage Multiple Myeloma – Spirituality and Religion-

In this era of increasingly holistic care, it has become clear that the mind-body therapy of spirituality/religion beliefs and practices are important to many myeloma patients and survivors. “There

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