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Breast Density Risk Factor for Breast Cancer. Tamoxifen Therapy to Reduce Risk?

PMD (percent of mammographic density) is the percentage of breast density that shows up on a woman’s mammogram.  It has long been known that dense breasts make it more difficult to get an accurate

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Why Breast Cancer Research Can’t Be Trusted

A new study suggests that “an estimated 20 percent of breast cancer patients in the United States who receive radiation after they undergo breast-conserving surgery may not have their radiation treatments

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Elderly Early-Stage Breast Cancer Patients-

Adjuvant radiation therapy might not be necessary for older women with early-stage breast cancer who undergo lumpectomy. Women 70 years or older with early-stage disease who have a lumpectomy and also

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Chemotherapy and Over-treatment in Breast Cancer

Doctors are at odds over whether some women with breast cancer should have chemotherapy—one treatment among the arsenal long seen as crucial to fighting the disease, along with surgery and radiation. Early-stage

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Was Mom OverDiagnosed, OverTreated for Breast Cancer???

Virtually all older women with breast cancer wind up getting surgery, which poses additional hardships, Dr. Schonberg said. Many are prescribed hormonal therapies that can cause bone pain, fatigue and

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