Cervical Cancer Integrative Therapies to Enhance Treatment

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“However, the biggest decline in cervical cancer cells occurred in the radiation and extract group, with a decrease of about 70 percent.”

Radiation is great for killing cancer cells. Unfortunately, radiation also causes a great deal of damage to the surrounding tissue. The solution presented in the article below is an integrative therapy cited to enhance the efficacy of radiation. The second study linked focuses on another evidence-based non-conventional therapy shown to reduce the damage done to healthy tissue from radiation therapy.

I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. One of the many long-term side effects I sustained from my own radiation therapy was extensive radiation damage. I wish I knew then what I know now…

What stage of cervical cancer have you been diagnosed with? I live in complete remission from my “incurable” cancer through evidence-based therapies such as the ones discussed below.


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Berry gives boost to cervical cancer therapy

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 12,000 women in the United States are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year. One of the most common treatments for cervical cancer is radiation. While radiation therapy destroys cancer cells, it also destroys nearby healthy cells. Researchers studied in vitro human cancer cells to show that combining blueberry extract with radiation can increase the treatment’s effectiveness…

“For some cancers, such as late-stage cervical cancer, radiation is a good treatment option. However, collateral damage to healthy cells always occurs. Based on previous research, we studied blueberry extract to verify it could be used as a radiosensitizer.”

Radiosensitizers are non-toxic chemicals that make cancer cells more responsive to radiation therapy. In a previous study, Fang and his research team showed that resveratrol, a compound in red grapes, could be used as a radiosensitizer for treating prostate cancer. Blueberries also contain resveratrol…

“Our team used three different measures to confirm results of the study,” Fang said.

  • “Radiation decreased cancer cells by approximately 20 percent.
  • Interestingly, the cell group that received only blueberry extract had a 25 percent decrease in cancer.
  • However, the biggest decline in cancer cells occurred in the radiation and extract group, with a decrease of about 70 percent.”

“Blueberries are very common and found all over the world,” Fang said. “They are readily accessible and inexpensive. As a natural treatment option for boosting the effectiveness of existing therapies, I feel they would be enthusiastically accepted.”

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of the late effects of radiotherapy

“What are the conclusions?
The application of HBOT to selected participants and tissues may be justified. Studies of radiation injury suggest that other tissues are also likely to respond (e.g. bladder). Further research is required to establish which people may respond and the best timing of such therapy…”

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