Chemotherapy-Induced Peripheral Neuropathy (CIPN) Therapy

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While some agreement has emerged on the best wavelengths of light… there is no agreement on whether continuous wave or pulsed light is best for CIPN…

I am a long-term survivor from an incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma. I live with many side effects from toxic chemotherapy and radiation. I am thankful that I have numbness in my lower body but I do not suffer from the burning and pins/needles that  CIPN or chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy, survivors talk about.

According to studies, 30%-40% of cancer patients develop CIPN. The pain, tingling and numbness of this nerve damage often does not heal but in fact worsens over time.

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While the study linked below is conservative in it’s promotion of laser therapy for CIPN, I will say that cancer patients who live with this nerve pain suffer endlessly and should not wait for conventional medicine to bless laser therapy before they act. Don’t wait for FDA approval…

Unfortunately, the second article linked below reads like a paid commercial for laser therapy. So I have to add caution to the reader. You’ve heard of the term “snake oil?” Well, unfounded medical claims is the reason why the FDA was founded in the first place.

I have learned that the sooner


David Emerson

Cancer Survivor

Cancer Coach

Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Effect of Pulsing in Low-Level Light Therapy

“Background and Objective- Low level light (or laser) therapy (LLLT) is a rapidly growing modality used in physical therapy, chiropractic, sports medicine and increasingly in mainstream medicine. LLLT is used to increase wound healing and tissue regeneration, to relieve pain and inflammation, to prevent tissue death, to mitigate degeneration in many neurological indications. While some agreement has emerged on the best wavelengths of light and a range of acceptable dosages to be used (irradiance and fluence), there is no agreement on whether continuous wave or pulsed light is best and on what factors govern the pulse parameters to be chosen…

Conclusion-There is some evidence that pulsed light does have effects that are different from those of continuous wave light. However further work is needed to define these effects for different disease conditions and pulse structures…”

The Treatment that Can Free You From Debilitating Nerve Pain

““The pain was so bad, I didn’t think I could take it anymore. I was at my wit’s end!” So said Cheryl Greenawalt of the excruciating foot and lower-leg neuropathy she’d been battling for nearly a decade and a half. The burning. The numbness. The “pins and needles” sensation…

These days, she maintains her miraculous results with a periodic one-hour treatment every few months…”


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