Clomiphene Citrate: Uses, Dosage, Side Effects.

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Popularly used by females as an ovulation-inducing supplement, this infertility medication has become famous for treating fertility-related conditions. Clomiphene Citrate is an oral medication used for treating an ovarian related condition in women of childbearing age.

There are also brands of the supplement such as Clomid which helps men also deal with infertility issues. In men, it helps to improve the secretion of testosterone by the T-cells, which helps fertilize the
eggs in the ovaries of a female. In both women and men, the drug binds to the brain and
increases the secretion of follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH).
In women, it induces the development of egg and ovulation, while males experience an increase
in sperm and testosterone production. You can find more useful info about FSH and LH in this
weblink. It would help if you always went with a doctor's prescription when looking for the best fertility supplements.


To be able to get the best out of using clomiphene citrate, you need to work with the right
dosage. In most cases, your doctor will be able to tell you the right amount to use. This is why it
is always best to consult one who could help you with suggestions on the right brand to go with. Ideally, you want to avoid self-administering any enhancement supplement without following the regulation. There are cases when patients could have difficulty breathing or pass out after an overdose of clomiphene citrate. Other symptoms of excessive use could include vomiting, blurry vision, and abdominal pain. You should speak with a doctor if you experience any of these symptoms.

Side Effects:

You could suffer some minor or severe side effects from the use of clomiphene citrate. The first
prudent step to take is to stick to the recommended dosage, so you get to avoid any severe
damages to your organs. The typical mild consequences you may experience include stomach upset, headaches, breast tenderness, hot flashes, dizziness, and in many cases bloating. If you are bothered about the side effects, you can consider other healthy natural methods of boosting fertility. In cases where you experience vaginal bleeding, it is imperative that you get in touch with your doctor and possibly discontinue the treatment. It is unlikely that you won't experience any side effects when you use clomiphene citrate. What you need do is to watch out for those severe ones that could put you at risk. Minor ones like tingling in the tongue or itching of the skin can be overlooked.


Aside from the treatment of infertility in both men and women, there are no many uses of
clomiphene citrate. There are allegations that it could help with bodybuilding, yet there aren't many facts to back such claims. In the female reproductive system, the FSH and LH can be stimulated to increase the chances of egg fertilization during the ovulation period. To get the best result, you will need to begin the treatment as soon as you start ovulation to increase the chances of conception. You can check the
link below to learn about using clomiphene citrate for increasing your chances of getting pregnant.


Final Note:

Aside from the use of fertility medicine, there are other methods you can try when looking to
conceive. You want to start by checking with a fertility doctor before choosing any medication or conception method. It is also essential that you do your research on any treatment before you use it. You also want to ensure that you avoid alcohol, smoking, and all other unhealthy habits that make it more challenging to get pregnant.

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