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Earl Kielley – Reverse pre-cancerous prostate cancer

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“The condition is called high grade PIN. I was told approximately 70 % of patients with this condition go on to full blown prostate cancer in the first year”

Fast forward. On approximately January 3, 2003, I had a physical exam, my doctor told me to come back to see him quickly because my PSA was 4.6 (that is an atypical reading for a prostate). He said he wanted to do a biopsy. He did so and found pre-cancer cells in my prostate.

The condition is called high grade PIN. I was told approximately 70 % of patients with this condition go on to full blown cancer in the first year. I said I wanted a second biopsy; he again found the same thing. He said we have to watch it and “nothing could be done to reverse the pre-cancerous cells.”

I remember my saying something like , “you want to bet……just watch me.” I was not willing to accept his conclusions. However, I was gripped with fear. Once overcoming the fear I pursued alternative medicine information on the Internet. I also acquired many books and began reading.

Image result for image of high grade PINOn approximately August 13, 2007, I obtained a third biopsy. The biopsy showed NO traces of pre cancerous cells…….my prostate was free of them! The doctor said he believed all the “things” I did must have changed the pre cancerous cells back to normal.

Here is what I did. The BIG PICTURE is placing only good things in your body and keeping all the bad things out. Fear was the catalyst in the beginning; that changed once I accepted my condition, calmed down and started intelligently applying the information I acquired.

It is HARD WORK to stay healthy and very easy to become ill or acquire diseases. We in America eat terrible diets and suffer from over indulgence, neglect, and laziness. I really became disciplined when I began my effort.

I bought ALL organic food, lost 25 lbs. and never regained it, used supplementation, walked daily, worked very hard to force all negative thinking out of my mind, and prayed. FIRST I bought a VITAMIX- a blender that pureed vegetables and fruit.

I read that food is absorbed at a 90% rate when pureed as opposed to eating raw or cooked; steaming vegetables is next best to pureed. I would place purified water (reverse osmosis) and place purple cabbage, broccoli, parsley, kale, carrots , apples and spinach in the blender and mix it. I very seldom use fruit because of the sugar…a “friend” of cancer. The mixture didn’t taste good but to me that was irrelevant. With the water it was around 50 oz. a day. I do not suggest anyone start with that high of volume. Start around 4-6 oz. and work up.

I then placed ground flaxseed in the first glass I drank (two heaping tablespoons full; also, never suffered from constipation again). Again start slow and work up to this level. I drank processed tomato soup (lycopene) and heated it with olive oil to make the Lycopene work better. I drank white tea daily about 30 oz. plus. I had a table spoon full of cod liver oil daily, I drank 4 oz. of Aloe Vera each day.

NEXT, I took supplements.

All of these with the Vit C. I ALWAYS took Virgin Olive Oil (tablespoon full) with the supplements for better absorption.

NEXT, I stopped eating read meat. I instead ate chicken (organic… free range, no anti biotics, hormone fed etc) and fish (wild catch) no PCBs or mercury. I threw away all cooking oils EXCEPT Virgin Olive oil. The trans fats etc. in vegetable oils etc. are killers by what I have read. I used only Virgin Olive Oil.

NEXT, I stopped eating sweets all together; I stopped smoking, stopped drinking. Fat and sugar is your enemy with cancer by what I have read.

LASTLY, I walked every day with few exceptions. This was good for me physically and mentally; I really looked forward to this event every day.

After receiving my good news in August of 2007,the Urologist told me his dad has high grade PIN too. He wanted me to write down everything I was doing, so I did so. I told him “jokingly” that he should send his father to me, because I cured my self, he didn’t. Fortunately he laughed. All the time during my tests for PSA levels, when they began to go down, he would say this is good….I would tell him what I was doing but he never really seemed interested. He was a bit condescending and somewhat in disbelief ………he wouldn’t admit what I was doing worked. He would only say, “if you feel better by doing this then just keep it up.” That always “irked me.”

The last several months I have taken curcumin (turmeric powder). Why is this relevant? By accident, I wanted to see what my risk of heart attacks was by obtaining a C reactive protein (CRP) reading. The doctor said a CRP reading is more important than cholesterol readings. Apparently below the number (1) is low risk, (1-3) is moderate risk, (3-10) is high risk. My reading came back at .2 . So my risk is very minimal. Curcumin reduces inflammation big time I am told. Likewise and importantly, I have read Inflammation is strongly related to cancer too and therefore the CRP reading which is a measure of inflammation in my body, has relevancy to cancer (I take this with heated olive oil to increase absorption).

In the end, it all comes down to a decision regarding your health. You can live on hope only with no effort, or stay consumed with fear as I did for a long while, or “take charge” and do everything you can to overcome illness. I really don’t mean to over simply this, however these are just my feelings and thoughts. It is very hard work to stay healthy but I chose to do so. For me it was a God sent because I feel better than ever before. All kinds of other good things have happened to my body, pulse rate of between 57-62, tryglicerides of 71 ( went down 30 points……I believe curcumin was very instramental); blood pressure from 98-100/ 58-64 etc.). Also, the process described above gave me CONTROL and HOPE. Gaining that was critical to my mental health. In other words I was not totally at the mercy of pre cancerous cells. I had something to say about this “stuff in my body.” Now I live each day to the fullest, taking one at a time. I have been given a second chance and am very grateful.

I hope this information gives hope to each and everyone of you who read it. If possible, never give up and take charge of your health…….in the end it is you who may determine a lot of the outcome. In part it comes down to if you think you can, you can, if you think you can’t you can’t. Again, may this message bring hope and inspiration to cancer patients everywhere. Don’t hesitate to ask me about any of what you have read in my message of hope.

Prostate, prostate, prostate, prostate, prostate

Sincerely, Earl Kielley

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