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Effects of Abusing Anti-Anxiety Pills.

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A diagnosis of cancer can cause anxiety. Cancer patients sometimes take anti-anxiety medication potentially leading to addiction. 

Every human being may experience a state of mental exhaustion, stress or anxiety, which is often termed as a reasonable reaction of the human mind to a particular situation. We all get tired after slogging for hours at the workplace or become stressed due to unforeseen and unpleasant life events such as loss of your loved ones. However, sometimes such circumstances may lead us to anxiety and eventually depression where your mind loses its natural balance and spirals down into an abyss filled with negativity. Faced with such terrible situation, we often start looking for the most straightforward or the least time-consuming solution.

The quest to fix such inner turmoil, which one cannot understand, leads us to take anything that may come in handy: tablets, drugs, and alcohol. One of the most popular first-aid choices people succumb themselves to such stressful situation is the ‘Anti-anxiety pill.’ Nowadays, one can find pills for anything online. However, do we understand how most of them work or become aware of innumerable side effects caused by those pills? In case you are accustomed to using anxiolytic drugs and facing their side-effects, how do you overcome them?

What is Drug Dependence?

Anti-Anxiety pills are one of the most popular options to alleviate the symptoms of stress or anxiety. One can consider the pills as a blessing, which stop you from convoluting into depression and boost your mood, improve the quality of your life (regarding a good emotional well-being), and sometimes may save you from suicidal thoughts These pills help to maintain serotonin level in the human brain and also trigger the growth of new brain cells. But always be on the safe side and only use anti-anxiety pills when prescribed, cautiously.

Sometimes, people may get exciting outcomes from using anti-anxiety pills. You often hear people experiencing relief and clarity in life after years of depression or anxiety. It looks marvelous how anti-anxiety pills work to make you calm and controlled, especially for those who have been plagued and out-casted by depression for the past unknown. However, quite often people start to get attached to the pills, believing them as miracle drugs and hoping to help them for the rest of their lives. You start taking the pills for longer periods, a whose intended period of use as prescribed is for just a few weeks. In worse cases, people start taking higher doses than prescribed by doctors, expecting an amplified effect from the drug. Such an abuse of drugs puts a person on the road to ‘addiction’ and ‘overdose.’

Anti-anxiety pills work on the human brain somewhat similar to alcohol. If you take a proper dose of the pills, they will help you relax. But they beat you at your own game, when you start using them excessively, resulting in terrible symptoms such as intense anxiety, insomnia, inability to focus, body tremors, hallucinations, irritability, mood swings, and sometimes manic depression. The worse effect of abusing anxiety pill could be death due to overdose. To be more specific, about a third of global deaths occur due to drug abuse, which is mainly attributed to the use of ‘Barbiturates,’ which are a class of sedatives. So besides dealing with stress and anxiety, one should be well aware of the other the problem – drug addiction.

There are known cases when a person takes extra pills due to poor memory. However, quite often people do it intentionally, trying to commit suicide. Never do such things! Anxiety and depression are highly treatable.

A human body’s reaction to the misuse of anti-anxiety pills is highly subjective, and so is the intensity of suffering. There is a class of anti-anxiety pills called ‘Benzodiazepines,’ which in a similar fashion to barbiturates, are well known for their addiction and tolerance potential. Benzodiazepines include Chlordiazepoxide, Clorazepate, Diazepam, and others. Prolonged and excessive use of these drugs leads to dependence, similar to the dependence of the body to alcohol.

How to stop abusing drugs and start your recovery?

What to do if you still experience depression, panic attacks, and anxiety and you are taking one of those pills? As you have learned, taking anti-anxiety pills has many limitations and can be dangerous when abused. You may be a person using these pills and get hooked on them with no positive results.

When the time comes and mind you it will come, you realize to come out of this dreadful addiction, but often feel you are too weak to overcome it. Addiction withdrawal is like a quicksand pit, the more you try to come out, the deep you get sucked. A withdrawal of anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs can be too complicated and painful process beyond your imagination. You cannot fight the dragon yourself alone, without any weapon. You will need a lot of professional support in an individual format as well as psychotherapy group format to start in the first place. You will need a proper detox program! It is a right time to stop abusing drugs and start your recovery https://addictiontosobriety.com/addiction-treatment-options/ Detox.

In conclusion of this article, I want to say a word in favor of the drug detox program. Despite the complexity and length, a drug detox program is the most efficient way of dealing with drug dependence and is your first and only step to start your recovery. Remember, starting is like winning half the battle, but it is the hardest part. So start your battle using the drug detox program as your weapon.

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