Garlic Kills Breast Cancer

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“These staggering statistics call for effective strategies to reduce the incidence and development of breast cancer (BC)…”

I am a long-term survivor of a very different type of cancer than BC. I was forced to turn to evidence-based non-conventional cancer therapies because I exhausted all of the conventional therapies for my cancer. After two remissions and two relapses, I was told that “we can do nothing more for you...” That was in September of 1997.

The fact is that there are dozens of evidence-based non-toxic therapies that either reduce the risk of breast cancer or reduce the risk of a breast cancer relapse. I know this because many of these therapies are the same ones that have kept me in complete remission from my own “incurable” cancer since ’99.

I found the following article while researching garlic as a possible supplement for reducing blood clots.  It is an Egyptian study that shows a garlic constituent (DATS) “might offer a novel strategy for the treatment of human BC.”   I was pleased to discover that such a scientific study on garlic was conducted even if it was apparently conducted in the lab rather than on human subjects, and used some particular constituent of garlic as opposed to whole garlic.

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 Abstract: Identification of agents that are nontoxic but can delay the onset and/or progression of BC, which is the main leading cause of cancer-related deaths among women, is highly desirable. Garlic-derived organosulfur compounds (OSCs) have highly effective antitumor effects, but the mechanism has yet to be investigated…
Cancer accounts for nearly 25% of deaths in the United States. Unlike some cancers, the incidence and severity of BC are constantly increasing. Currently, 1 of 8 U.S. women is diagnosed with BC. In 2011, nearly a quarter of a million new cases of invasive BC occurred, and 40,000 breast cancer deaths were expected. These staggering statistics call for effective strategies to reduce the incidence and development of BC…

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