Integrative Therapies for Active Surveillance Prostate Cancer

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Active Surveillance in Prostate Cancer Doesn’t Mean You Can’t Take Evidence-based Therapies

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer (PCa) and you are considering active surveillance (watch and wait), the study linked and excerpted below explains how Vitamin D3 supplementation improves outcomes.

Vitamin D3 is an inexpensive, convenient, effective therapy to improve prostate cancer outcomes.

Further, there are a host of evidence-based, non-toxic prostate cancer therapies that studies have shown to improve outcomes for active surveillance prostate cancer patients.

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I am a long-term cancer survivor and cancer coach.  I myself supplement with vitamin D and have been for years. I live an evidence-based, non-toxic, anti-cancer lifestyle through nutrition, supplementation (vitamin D and others), bone health, etc.

I supplement with Life Extension Foundation’s Vitamin D3. This brand has been evaluated and approved by Consumerlab.com. A independent testing agency.

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Recommended Reading-

Vitamin D and prostate cancer: Higher intake improves active surveillance outcomes

“Prostate cancer will affect 1 in 6 men. However, the disease will be fatal in only 1 in 36, due to its potential for slow growth.1Urologists often monitor the slower, low-risk cases to determine which will evolve into more significant and aggressive disease

The cure—meaning surgery or radiation—is probably worse than the disease, so they wait a year and then do another biopsy to see where the patient stands.…”

After 1 year, more than half of the participants in the active surveillance group demonstrated improvement on the vitamin D regimen, as shown by a decreased number of positive cores at repeat biopsy. The group concluded that men with low-risk prostate cancer who are undergoing active surveillance might derive benefit from taking 4,000 IU of vitamin D3 per day, without experiencing side effects from the treatment…”


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