Low-dose Maintenance Therapy Increases Multiple Myeloma Overall Survival

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Combine Conventional (Lenalidomide) with Evidence-based Non-Conventional Low-dose Maintenance Therapy to Increase OS While Decreasing Toxic Damage 

The issue in the study linked and excerpted below is not if lenalidomide (revlimid) is the reason for increased overall survival in multiple myeloma (MM), the issue is whether or not low-dose maintenance therapy is the reason for increases in overall survival in multiple myeloma.

What I mean by the above statement is that my research and personal myeloma experience is that hitting MM daily is the reason why I have remained in complete remission from my MM since my complete remission in 4/99.


There are three known facts about revlimid:

  1. revlimid is antiangiogenic
  2. revlimid causes secondary cancers
  3. low-dose maintenance therapy is “metronomic therapy”

Evidence-based anti-MM therapies such as curcumin, whole-body hyperthermia and exercise are also forms of metronomic therapy that can work synergistically with revlimid and do not cause secondary cancers. The Multiple Myeloma Cancer Coaching program discussed in the webinar to the right outlines dozens of evidence-based, non-toxic therapies that can work integratively and synergistically with revlimid.

I am both a myeloma survivor and myeloma cancer coach. Please scroll down the page and post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

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David Emerson

  • Myeloma Survivor
  • Myeloma Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Lenalidomide extends myeloma survival after stem cell transplantation

“Maintenance therapy with lenalidomide following autologous hematopoietic stem cell transplantation reduced mortality rates by 25% compared with placebo or observation among patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma, according to results of a meta-analysis…

Patients treated with lenalidomide demonstrated improved Progression Free Survival compared with those who received placebo or observation…


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