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Managing Myeloma Nerve Pain-

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“Nerve pain affects many people worldwide, and many now turn to cannabis for neuropathic pain relief. Here is a brief outline of neuropathic pain and a list of the best cannabis strains for nerve pain.”

For the multiple myeloma (MM) patient, nerve pain can be either a symptom or a side effect. By this I mean that MM or monoclonal proteins can cause nerve pain or therapies to treat MM such as radiation or chemotherapy can cause nerve pain.

The first study linked and excerpted below cites two types of nerve damage that I consider to be symptoms of MM. MM causing the bone to collapse causing nerve pain is how I identified my own single plasmacytoma. Below that discussion is the idea that monoclonal plasma cells can cause peripheral neuropathy aka nerve pain. Again, this pain is a symptom of MM, not a side effect of therapy.

Nerve pain as side effect of Velcade/bortezomib is often referred to as chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy or CIPN. This long-term side effect can be incredibly painful as is much more common that the nerve pain that can come from MM itself.

The second article linked and excerpted below illustrates cannabinoids as an evidence-based but non-conventional therapy for pain caused by nerve damage, any type of nerve damage.

It’s important to point out that the current forms of therapies for nerve pain (NP) are often ineffective. Fortunately, cannabis, in the form of CBD oil, can be effective. The key to CBD oil is to remember that the percentage of cannabinoids IN the oil are important as to the ability of the oil to manage nerve pain.

To be clear, I don’t think that CBD oil will completely relieve your CIPN. But, according to research, it will help.

To learn more about evidence-based, non-conventional MM therapies, scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.


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Neurology and the bone marrow

“Multiple myeloma

Multiple myeloma is the most common of the plasma cell dyscrasias, which also include monoclonal gammopathies of unknown significance (MGUS or paraproteinaemias), plasmacytomas, and plasma cell leukaemia. These terms represent a range of diseases characterised by a monoclonal proliferation of plasma cells, and associated with a corresponding diversity in clinical behaviour…


The commonest presenting symptom of multiple myeloma is bone pain. It has been reported in 80% of cases and in 60% it is located in the back, most commonly in the lumbosacral region (fig 1).1

Radicular pain afflicts one in five patients. Compression of the spinal cord or nerve roots also affects about 20% of cases.1 2

…Spinal cord compression with consequent neurological emergency results from vertebral collapse or from tumour mass deriving from vertebrae or an epidural site (fig 2).

Solitary plasmacytomas may occasionally compress the spinal cord or even a nerve root in which case severe root pain results with radiographic signs similar to acute disc prolapse…


Neuropathy in myeloma is uncommon with a prevalence in retrospective series of less than 5%1 6 but Walsh7 found clinical evidence of neuropathy in 13% in a prospective study, and electrophysiological evidence in 39%.

The neuropathy is most commonly sensorimotor in type but purely sensory or relapsing and remitting forms occur.8 9 Neuropathy of gradual onset is usual but it may be acute or subacute.10

Cranial nerves may occasionally be affected and upper limbs more than lower. Some patients have systemic amyloidosis and Kyle and Dyck9 have emphasised the importance of examining appropriate biopsy tissue as this complication may be the cause of neuropathy.

The diagnosis may be suspected by the finding of postural hypotension, impotence, pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, or dissociated sensory loss.8

Nerve conduction studies and nerve biopsy most commonly show changes consistent with axonal degeneration although demyelination has been occasionally reported.8 Infiltration of nerve with plasma cells or amyloid may be found.11…


“Nerve pain affects many people worldwide, and many now turn to cannabis for neuropathic pain relief. Here is a brief outline of neuropathic pain and a list of the best cannabis strains for nerve pain.

What is neuropathic pain?

Neuropathy suffers describe the pain as a tinging, burning, numbing or pain response that often doesn’t have a specific cause. In most cases, the pain isn’t usually triggered by an event or injury, and the body sends pain signals through the central nervous system to our brain…

How is neuropathic pain customarily treated?

This neuropathic pain sensation is typically treated with over-the-counter pain medication such as:

  • nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs,
  • prescription medication (like opioids),
  • topical pain relievers,
  • antidepressant medicines,
  • anticonvulsants,
  • nerve blocks,
  • implantable devices,
  • and lifestyle treatments like massage therapies.

However, as some of these treatments can be hard on the body with very uncomfortable side effects, many people now seek marijuana as an alternative therapy.

Best cannabis strains for nerve pain

…it’s best to look for cannabis strains for neuropathy with high CBD levels. That said, some cannabis strains can help with nerve without having a high CBD content.

Afghan Kush

Known for its rich resin content and powerfully sedating effects, Afghan Kush is a top choice for anyone looking for pain relief. It is a potent indica and is best used for nighttime use as it will make you feel calm and relaxed. You might even become couch-locked with this strain.

The Afghan Kush strain is an almost 100% indica and has a very earthy scent with pine. Some people describe the scent and taste as “hash-like.” Many people claim this is one of the best strains for pain relief. Be sure to check it out.

Blue Dream

The strain Blue Dream is a hybrid originating in California. It leans towards the Sativa end of the spectrum and has high levels of THC. The high is often described as a cerebral and dream-like high that relaxes a person so well that they do not focus on their pain.

The strain doesn’t have the highest CBD content (approximately 1-2%), but the THC effects help suppress pain and other physical irritations. Try this strain out only when you have time to relax because its high is pretty intense. Often, people use Blue Dream for neuropathy as it helps distract a person from the pain.

Jack Herer

If you are looking for an excellent daytime strain that has a clear-headed high and will help you still accomplish all you need to do, then Jack Herer is the strain for you. It is a well-balanced hybrid, the strain tastes of fruit and citrus flavours, making it both delicious and impactful.

Those who suffer from nerve pain claim this strain distracts you from physical distress and ailments and causes uplifting feelings that won’t leave you feeling like you are dragging your feet.


Another sativa strain that is incredibly high in CBD is Harlequin at 12-15%. People with epilepsy and neuropathy use it as a gentle yet effective high that leaves you feeling like you are walking on cloud nine without sedating you.

However, it is also a great daytime strain for chronic pain sufferers as it doesn’t cause fuzzy feelings as many strains do and instead leaves you with a clear head and an energy boost.

White Widow a great cannabis strain for chronic nerve pain

White widow is effective primarily for its high THC levels. It usually has approximately 25% THC, and the high is revitalizing yet will leave you chilled out and relaxed. It is a relatively balanced hybrid with sativa leaning tendencies and is a cross between a Brazilian sativa landrace and a resin-heavy South Indian indica.

Many chronic pain sufferers turn to White Widow as it has powerful energizing effects. Also, your pain will feel less intense while making you relaxed and calm. Keep in mind that if you smoke too much White Widow, it has been found to create feelings of paranoia and anxiety. When you start smoking, use only a little at first and raise the dosage until you feel comfortable.

MK Ultra an effective cannabis strain for nerve pain

MK Ultra is a very potent indica-leaning hybrid cannabis strain made by crossing OG Kush and G13. It is said to produce high and fast-acting euphoric effects. People who want a solid medicating result should definitely try out this gem of a strain. It is one of the best marijuana strains for nerve pain.

The THC content is typically 18%, and the CBD level is 0.1%. As one of the heaviest indica hybrids out there, it produces powerful and hypnotic cerebral effects, and due to this, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2003. If you want fast pain relief or to get into the mindset where you can better handle the nerve pain, you need to try this strain out.


Another prized cannabis hybrid strain for nerve pain includes Cannatonic. It was made from crossing MK Ultra (another strain on this list) with G13 Haze, and the company Resin Seeds created this high CBD strain that has tested as high as 17% CBD. On the downside, the THC content is very low at 6%.

This strain is excellent for daytime use as it has a very uplifting yet mellow high. Also, it is also great if you do not want to have high THC effects but still want to reap the strain’s benefits. Cannatonic has an earthy odour with a sweet citrus flavour.

Gorilla Glue #4

If you are looking for a good strain to use on a day off or at the end of the workday, be sure to try out Gorilla Glue #4. A 65% Sativa hybrid, it is an award-winning strain famous for its high THC content, which averages 18-32%. On the downside, the CBD content is really low at approximately 0.1%.

But don’t let that dissuade you from trying it out. Gorilla Glue #4 is great for both medical and recreational users as it gives you the feeling like your body is melting into the couch, despite the sativa dominance. Not to mention, it also has uplifting cerebral effects that provide you with an incredible all-around high for nerve pain relief.


Another extremely high CBD hybrid is AC/DC. By crossing Cannatonic (also in this list) and Ruderalis, it creates a strain with an exceptionally high 20:1 CBD: THC ratio. The strain typically contains between 16-24% CBD and 2-6% THC. This high CBD content is the primary reason it is the CBD Queen.

AC/DC treats seizures, anxiety, pain and the effects of chemotherapy. It also produces little to no intoxicating effects, which makes it great for daytime neuropathic pain relief.

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web has an extremely high CBD content of 17% with slight traces of THC. First, it was bred by the Stanley Brothers of Colorado when they cross-bred strains of marijuana with the hemp plant. The result is one of the highest CBD strains available.

Interestingly, the strain is named for a girl named Charlotte, who was suffering from a rare condition called Dravet syndrome, where she was having 300 grand mal seizures a week. However, the strain was so effective that it reduced her seizures to two to three per month. They now produce various health and wellness products with this strain.

Note: You will not feel any psychotropic or psychoactive effects as the THC content is very low in this strain.

Final Thoughts

Keep in mind that marijuana doesn’t cure neuropathy or nerve pain but instead helps manage symptoms. Be sure to always follow your physician’s advice and discuss with them that you are using or considering using cannabis with your treatment plan.

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