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Medicinal Marijuana- Can marijuana help with cancer or thyroid problems?

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If you’ve ever smoked a joint or eaten a pot-laced brownie, you’re hardly alone: More than 1 in 3 people in America have tried marijuana at one point in their lives.

Even though it has been a while since the views on marijuana, in general, have shifted and it has become far more acceptable to take part in the consumption of this substance, its use in medicine continues to be denied. However, for every person ready to stand against the claim that medicinal marijuana has a lot of beneficial uses, there is one who will defend these highly important benefits of using it.

In order to fully understand the beneficial effects of marijuana on the suffering body, we must take a closer look at what it offers and interpret the situation for ourselves. With that being said, let’s start by looking at some important facts about marijuana, and how it is used in today’s medicine in various roles.

It’s a safe solution for many conditions

Despite being cataloged as a drug, it is also recognized as being a substance that is incredibly safe for consumption. As far as consumption for humans is concerned, marijuana is a very safe substance to ingest and compelling statistics show that there are virtually no risks that come with having this substance in your body. This is a great first step in showing that medicinal marijuana is a tool capable of doing good, not bad.

How it works

For those that don’t really understand how marijuana is supposed to help them from a medical perspective, it’s quite easy. Our bodies contain something called cannabinoids. These are also found in the cannabis plant, also known as marijuana. When the two, the body and the plant, come in contact, their individual sets of cannabinoids interact, thus creating a soothing reaction or a “feel good” reaction. This brings us to our next point of discussion, which is “how does marijuana help you exactly”.

There is a wide range of ailments that get easier to handle after consuming marijuana in one way or another.  Whether you’re battling cancer or are having trouble with thyroid health, it is believed that marijuana plays an important part in alleviating pain considerably and making sure that you get back on your feet as soon as possible, of course, you need to try a Thyroid Pharmacist first. The main benefit of marijuana is the fact that it helps with the pain. Many medical conditions ale include a large amount of pain, and anything that might take the edge off is well appreciated. This brings us around to medicinal marijuana, which has that capability.

Those that are dealing with cancer most likely are familiar with nausea which comes with the chemotherapy sessions. It is known that medicinal marijuana is an excellent nausea alleviator and can help with getting rid of that sensation. It’s just one of its many uses, another one is the fact that it can help regulate eating disorders by interacting with the body’s appetite. Surely you’ve heard of the famous “munchies” effect of smoking marijuana. That’s no placebo effect or weird coincidence, but a triggered effect which signals to professionals that there is a lot more to be exploited on that front with the help of marijuana.

 Taking care of pain

Nausea is not the only thing that can get treated. Raw pain is also a problem when you are under the effects of terrible diseases such as cancer. Being in constant pain and feeling powerless are things that those who suffer from cancer can easily recognize from experience. However, it has been proven on multiple occasions that medicinal marijuana has a huge impact on negating that pain and soothing the smoker. It is not commonly used among people of all ages battling cancer, in order to make the experience as painless as possible for them.

Hands-on impact of marijuana in today’s diseases and symptoms

Now that we’ve gone through the theoretical part of marijuana, you might be interested in getting some information regarding the practical side. What exactly does marijuana do? Sure, it takes the pain away, but does it have any deeper impact on the body, so that it might become a very frequent solution among those suffering from cancer or other diseases?

Combating, managing and keeping diseases away

There is an array of known problems which benefit from the introduction of marijuana in your daily lifestyle choices. For example, glaucoma patients often time benefit from tremendously from marijuana.  The same goes for Alzheimer’s patients, epileptic seizure patients but also Hepatitis C patients. It has been scientifically proven that marijuana plays an important part in how these diseases can be cured or how they might become curable in the future, thanks to marijuana and the various studies created around it.

Losing weight is also on the menu

Weed might be associated with the munchies, but did you know that this plant also helps you lose weight and maintain a healthy caloric intake? It would seem that marijuana is directly responsible for modifications found before consumption, regarding the body’s insulin production. It would seem that the process is a lot speedier when marijuana is involved,. With that said, now you know that the fact that most marijuana smokers are very skinny is not a stereotype. It’s merely a fact, due to how their metabolism has been enhanced and it has grown.

It is a powerful tool against depression and anxiety

Depression and anxiety are conditions that can surface on their own, or triggered by something happening in the patient’s life, but also as side effects to many of the terrible diseases and conditions known to man. A person struck by cancer can’t be expected to keep up a smile all the time, and on the inside, they are probably not smiling at all. This can eventually lead to depression and a deep sense of hopelessness. The same thing goes for anxiety, as it is an often met side effect. With the help of marijuana, these problems can be taken care of before they get very serious. The plant plays the role of a mild sedative here, but it’s completely safe to use. The fact that it is something that puts the user in an overall good mood is also encouraging, as it means that people suffering from diseases can attempt to put away their sorrow for a moment and enjoy life.

Reverse gateway

One thing that authorities used to say about marijuana is that it is a gateway drug. While this is true, and many people find their way to more dangerous drugs with many dire consequences, it often starts with the consumption of marijuana. Today you find out that the reverse effect can take place as well.  This means that those who are addicted to much more powerful substances have a very good chance of getting clean by starting to consume marijuana. Similar to how you would stick an arm patch on your arm when you are ready to give up smoking, marijuana can be used in order to go back from more serious drugs to plain old pot.  Still, it would still be an addiction but one that could help people forget about the other, more powerful drugs out there.

Mental focus

Creativity can be quite scarce when your body is fighting a war inside your body. Resources are pretty limited as well. However, there is always marijuana. While some look down upon it, smoking marijuana actually improves your keen eye for details and creativity. Remaining creative in an environment where everything around you seems to hinder your creative juices can be quite difficult. Once again, pot seems to do a fantastic job here as it is able to provide the necessary spur of imagination which might get you through the whole ordeal of dealing with a terrible disease faster.

Fix what tobacco broke

Marijuana isn’t the only thing that people like to smoke. People also like smoking cigarettes.  Over time, many people turn in to medical emergency rooms with serious neck, through and lung complications. However, it’s never too late to get help, not even about charcoal black lungs. You see, marijuana also has the ability to reverse the negative impact that faulty lungs may have. According to testing sessions, it would seem that people with damaged lungs were able to come out of the experience with a far better set of airbags.  This is by no means a way of saying “smoke as much tobacco as you want because you can fix the problem with marijuana anyway). It’s rather an attempt to make readers see the true power of this plant and how it can be used for borderline miraculous recoveries, granted it is an identified and approved string from a licensed medicinal vendor.

 Helpful with PTSD

PTSD or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is something that occurs in situations where the one suffering from this condition has faced some kind of shock at some point during their life. As a result, even though people move on mentally. There is something holding them back, almost impossible to describe scientifically.  That might be a bit of an exaggeration as professionals have been able to easily identify the “palpable” roots of PTSD situations. With that said, PTSD can be added to the list of things which can be treated with marijuana.

PTSD is one of the top reasoning behind so many people getting their own medicinal marijuana license. With the promise of a tremendously easier lifestyle as a result and the law on their side, many people have turned towards medicinal marijuana locations all across the country. Surely, when faced with the dilemma of “the current moment” in regards to these diseases and conditions, there’s no risk in trying, right?

Body and mind

Who would have thought that a regular visit to thyroid pharmacist would have actually sent you to Kushly. There is still much to be learned about marijuana in general, and with the current laws proving that they can be more flexible towards the subject, the future remains very bright and promising. This is the case not just for those already suffering from a condition but also for those that simply want to combat the effects of a terrible disease before they even hint at a possible problem.

Marijuana and mental health

Of course, everyone knows the unjust stigma hovering around marijuana, and the “hallow-mind” effect it promotes in its users. As a direct result, many are very concerned about the mental health effects consuming marijuana might have and how patients are supposed to deal with the situation. The truth of the matter, however, is that marijuana does not pose an imminent threat or a threat at all for that matter. Those who consume marijuana frequently claim that there have been no signs of their minds being less efficient than they were previously.

There is also a different aspect of this issue that needs to be brought to your attention, and that is the fact that anxiety can be a direct effect of marijuana consumption. However, before you get too worried, know that this is only the case when T-H-C, the substance of marijuana, is consumed in extremely high doses.  If you are close to going over that limit in terms of consumed quantities, it’s a clear sign that you need to ease up and be more tempered with your resources.

The studies regarding marijuana consumption and mental health continue, as more studies claim that marijuana is dangerous for one’s mind while another claims that it incredibly beneficial.  One thing is for sure, however, and that is the fact that marijuana will continue to play an important role in the evolution of medicinal solutions. As people will continue to be in pain as a result of cancer or will experience nausea after their chemo sessions, marijuana will still be on the table as a valid and potent answer. The only thing that remains to be seen is just how much emphasis will be put on this substance from both patient and medical expertise points of view.

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