Mesothelioma- Multimodal approach may triple overall survival-

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“it is widely accepted that best long term results after treatment for malignant pleural mesothelioma are achieved when several modalities are combined.”

Mesothelioma (meso) is an aggressive cancer with a poor overall survival outlook. Therefore I look at mesothelioma as I do my own incurable cancer, multiple myeloma. I have always balanced conventional therapies (FDA approved) with evidence-based, non-conventional therapies. The studies linked and excerped below cite mesothelioma therapies that your oncolosgist might not have discussed with you.

I first tried conventional chemo, radiation and an autologus stem cell transplant. Remission, relapse, remission, then terminal. And then I went on to try a host of non-conventional therapies.

Light-Based Therapy Extends Mesothelioma Survival

“The newest research on photodynamic therapy appears to confirm what multiple recent studies have found – that PDT is a safe and effective way to prolong survival in pleural mesothelioma patients after surgery…

“After two decades of clinical studies, intrapleural photodynamic therapy after surgical resection became a safe treatment that significantly improved the survival of patients,”

Meso patients undergoing PDT get an injection of a photosensitizing drug several days before treatment. The most popular drug for this purpose is porfimer sodium (Photofrin), which has been recognized with orphan drug status by the FDA for its potential in treating meso. Meso cells absorb more of the photosensitizer and retain it longer than healthy cells, which is one of the reasons PDT produces fewer side effects than chemotherapy or radiation

A 2012 study of 97 pleural meso patients found that PDT after pleurectomy tripled survival times from around a year to more than 3 years. Other recent studies have produced encouraging results by combining PDT with chemotherapy, suggesting that the two treatments may work synergistically to fight meso.”

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