Metastatic Melanoma- Surgical Must be Part of the Plan

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Median Overall Survival was Superior in Surgical vs Nonsurgical Patients with Metastatic Melanoma

A diagnosis of melanoma skin cancer is not so bad. It is when a simple diagnosis of melanoma becomes diagnosis of metastatic melanoma (MM) that the patient needs help. A diagnosis of cancer that has metastasized or spread requires a more elaborate therapy plan.

Skin Cancer Mind Map

As you can see from the illustration to the left, skin cancer is complicated. Skin cancer that has spread beyond the original site lowers the patient’s five year survival average substantially.

As complicated as MM can be, the article linked and excerpted below clearly states that when MM patients surgically debulk their cancer, the live longer. The study does not say that surgery cures MM patients. It says that surgery helps MM patients live longer.

That is correct. In this age of elaborate systemic chemotherapy, it is the patient who surgically removes as many mets as possible who lives longer.

I am both a long term cancer survivor and cancer coach. Though my cancer, multiple myeloma, is completely different from Metastatic Melanoma, both cancers are considered to be incurable by conventional oncology. I have remained in complete remission from my incurable cancer since April of 1999 by learning about and pursuing a host of evidence-based, non-conventional therapies.

To learn more about evidence-based, non-conventional therapies for MM, scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

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Association of Surgical Treatment, Systemic Therapy, and Survival in Patients With Abdominal Visceral Melanoma Metastases, 1965-2014: Relevance of Surgical Cure in the Era of Modern Systemic Therapy.

“Systemic therapy for MM has evolved rapidly during the last decade, and patient treatment has become more complex…

Median Overall Survival was superior in surgical vs nonsurgical patients with MM.

CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE:┬áTo our knowledge, this series is the largest single-institution experience with abdominal melanoma metastases, demonstrating that surgical resection remains an important treatment consideration even in the systemic treatment era…”

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