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Monoclonal Gammopathy of Undetermined Significance (MGUS) and HPV

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What Does It Mean for MGUS and HPV to be “Associated?” Actionable Non-Toxic Therapy is For the Pre-Myeloma Patient-

The study linked and excerpted below cites a small study of MGUS patients, 70% of whom had the HPV virus reside in their bone marrow.

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MGUS at a glance- click the illustration below:

MGUS png Mind Map

Let me be clear. According to my research there is no evidence that HPV causes MGUS or the other way around. I am writing about MGUS and HPV because I am a long-term survivor of multiple myeloma and I had HPV at one time. I say “had” HPV for two reasons. First, this HPV virus is known to resolve on it’s own. Secondly I supplemented with AHCC (see below) to make sure that the HPV virus resolved.

Human papillomavirus infection
Papilloma Virus (HPV) EM.jpg

Based on my experience and research I believe that all stages of pre-multiple myeloma- a single plasmacytoma, MGUS and SMM can all be managed in an effort to prevent a full-blown multiple myeloma diagnosis. In addition, it is clear that HPV can be resolved as well.

To learn more about the evidence-based protocols you can follow to prevent your Pre-Myeloma from becoming Multiple Myeloma, please watch the short video below:

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Consider MGUS Therapies such as:

  1. non-toxic, cytotoxic/apoptotic supplements,
  2. foods that starve multiple myeloma
  3. evidence-based mind-body therapies,
  4. detoxification therapies,
  5. Non-conventional bone health therapies
  6. Cannabis/CBD/THC oil

Thank you,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Human Papillomavirus Is Associated with Monoclonal Gammopathies of Unknown Significance.

“In the following study, we expanded upon our initial observation by analyzing 14 patients with MGUS…

Among 14 patients with MGUS, HPV sequences have been identified in 10 of the bone marrow biopsies. These results suggest that HPV can reside in the bone marrow of a premalignant lymphoproliferative disease.”

Human papillomavirus infection

HPV infection is caused by a human papillomavirus, a DNA virus from the papillomavirus family, of which over 150 types are known…”

AHCC: Natural Treatment for HPV?

A recent study looked at AHCC as a potential natural treatment for HPV (human papillomavirus). It examined the immune support supplement’s effect on two specific strains of the virus; the researchers concluded that daily dosing of AHCC successfully eradicated the expression of these strains in mice and may have a role in the prevention of HPV-related cancer…”

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