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MGUS, AutoImmune Hepatitis and Hypothyroidism- Are they Related?

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“I would like any information you might be willing to share regarding alternative treatments (for MGUS) and how that factors in with a pesky liver.”

Hello David-I just listened to your webinar and am really interested in preventing my MGUS from becoming full blown multiple myeloma.

I was diagnosed with MGUS two years ago and am being monitored by an oncologist. My “values” seem to either be improving or holding steady, however, I was also diagnosed with autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) around the same time.

I suspect that I developed/acquired AIH a long time ago since my liver values have always been either slightly elevated or have exceeded 5> times the upper limit of normal. I have only experienced the latter a handful of times and each time the liver values decreased to almost normal but rarely are they normal. The treatment for AIH is brutal so I have opted not to seek treatment until it is absolutely necessary. My hepatologist monitors my liver values on a regular basis, and I get scanned twice a year. Interestingly, AIH symptoms often mimic MGUS symptoms.

Like I mentioned previously, I am very interested in being proactive and would like to explore the 8 comprehensive guides, however, I would like any information you might be willing to share regarding alternative treatments and how that factors in with a pesky liver. I am wondering if you have come across folks like me who are dealing with MGUS and a liver disease such as AIH. Oh, I am also being treated (meds) for hypothyroidism. I suspect that all three–MGUS, AIH, and thyroid issue–are interrelated. Any information is most greatly and graciously appreciated. Joan

Hi Joan-

I am sorry to learn of your health challenges. While I am out of my depth when talking about both AIH and hypothyroidism, I tend to agree with you that your diagnoses. The prognosis and treatment for AIH sounds very much like the prognosis and treatment for MM.

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I have linked and excerpted a study below about milk thistle and liver function. While the conclusions of the study are vague I think you might learn something by reading the article.

Again, I am doing only cursory study but it seems like many/most of your issues relate to each other-

Hashimoto’s: The Liver and The Thyroid

“Hashimoto’s can cause a host of problems all over the body, but one place in particular where we can see it’s influence is on the liver and gall bladder…”

21Milk Thistle: Effects on Liver Disease and Cirrhosis and Clinical Adverse Effects: Summary

“Clinical efficacy of milk thistle is not clearly established. Interpretation of the evidence is hampered by poor study methods and/or poor quality of reporting in publications. Problems in study design include heterogeneity in etiology and extent of liver disease, small sample sizes, and variation in formulation, dosing, and duration of milk thistle therapy. Possible benefit has been shown most frequently, but not consistently, for improvement in aminotransferases and liver function tests are overwhelmingly the most common outcome measure studied…”

Let me know if you have any questions.

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