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MGUS, IP6 and Inositol

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Can MGUS Patients Prevent full-blown MM with IP6 and Inositol? Jim Thinks So-

I believe that I have remained in complete remission from my end-stage Multiple Myeloma since ’99 by living an evidence-based, non-toxic, anti-MM lifestyle. Supplementation factors heavily into my anti-MM lifestyle.

So I don’t think preventing a diagnosis of full-blown MM after a diagnosis of either MGUS or SMM is a stretch. The research however, is thin when it comes to IP6, Inositol and pre-malignant blood cancers such as MGUS and SMM.

To learn more about the evidence-based protocols you can follow to prevent your Pre-Myeloma from becoming Multiple Myeloma, please watch the short video below:

Have you been diagnosed with MGUS or SMM? Scroll down the page and ask me a question. Thanks.

MGUS at a glance- click the image below now-

MGUS png Mind Map

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor,
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Protection against cancer by dietary IP6 and inositol.

“For a long time IP(6) has been recognized as a natural antioxidant. Recently IP(6) has received much attention for its role in cancer prevention and control of experimental tumor growth, progression, and metastasis…

A striking anticancer action of IP(6) was demonstrated in different experimental models. In addition to reducing cell proliferation, IP(6) also induces differentiation of malignant cells. Enhanced immunity and antioxidant properties also contribute to tumor cell destruction.”

Jim’s MGUS Survivor Story-

When I started taking IP6 my IGM number went down.  When I cut IP6 intake in half, my IGM jumped by 20%.  Then when I started IP6 again, my numbers again trended downward.

In fact I’m doing so well that my Hematologist wants to start seeing me every 2 years instead of 6 months or a year.

Also, my globulins are now well within limits.  It was my globulins that had exceeded the upper limit which caused my doctor to order more blood tests and then further blood tests, ordered by my hematologist, that determined that I had MGUS.

I can relate to the fear you must have had when you were first diagnosed with multiple myeloma.  After my family physician did a couple other tests to determine there was something wrong, I thought I had MM.  And I didn’t see a hematologist for 3 months so for those three months, I thought I had 3 -5 years left to live.  That was the most horrible time of my life!  It felt like the rest of society (the living) were taking a fork in the road, all joyful and happy, leaving me behind.  Absolutely frightening.  I was so relieved with an MGUS diagnosis.  So I can’t imagine what you and other MM patients have gone through.

Now that my numbers are trending down, I have little fear.  And my hematologist thinks I’m doing good enough to go to 2 year visits instead of 6 months or a year.

Diagnosed with MGUS May, 2013

MY IGM numbers are as follows:

The upper normal limit  is 300

3/1/2013_______ 733

4/1/2013 started supplements of curcumin and IP6.

10/4/2013_______ 760_______ +4%
3/12/2014_______ 714_______ -6%
10/10/2014_______ 663_______ -7%

12 oct 2014 — Cut IP6 in half

4/1/2015_______ 797_______ +20%!

5 Apr 2015 —-  Ip6 back to 8

10/8/2015_______ 806_______ +1%
4/24/2016_______ 736_______ -9%
10/18/2016_______ 756_______ +3%

Notice that 20% jump on Apr 1, 2015?  That was 6 months after cutting IP6 in half. I was doing so well that after my blood test in Oct 2014, I cut the Ip6 in half because I was tired of taking so many pills.  I also take curcumin and continued to take 4 grams of that a day because there is more research for curcumin and even double-blind studies on it.  As far as I can tell, IP6 is only researched by Dr Shamsuddin of the University of Maryland, so far less research and only on rodents.

Globulins also show impact of dropping IP6.

Upper limit for Globulins is 3.5.

1/1/2008_______ 3.3
11/4/2011_______ 3.3
2/4/2013_______ 3.7
3/12/2014_______ 2.8
10/10/2014_______ 3.3
4/1/2015_______ 3.6

4/28/2016_______ 3.1

Unfortunately, there really needs to be more data.  That 20% jump could have happened whether I was taking IP6 or not.  But, in general, my numbers seem to be steady or trend downward when I’m taking 8 grams or more of IP6/inositol.

What I take for supplements:
4 Dr’s Best Curcumin with BioPerine 1000mg

8 Ip-6& Inositol – 800mg of ip-6, 220mg of inositol.

I use either Cell Forte’s IP6 & Inositol or IP6 Gold.  The IP6 Gold is produced by the researcher Dr. Shamsuddin from the University of Maryland.  His University research paper on IP6 led me to take IP6.  However, his IP6 is twice as much as Cell Forte’s and Cell Forte’s ingredient list matches his.

Speaking of research:  When I do research, I always use Google’s “site:” feature to limit all research to sites ending in “.edu”.  So I add “site:.edu” to all my research on alternative cancer cures.  That way I only get university research papers and avoid snake oil sites.  Doing that type of search produces research papers and you need to be able to understand statistics and Latin etymology but at least you avoid scammer sites.

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MGUS- Kidney, Bone, Blood, Skin Damage - PeopleBeatingCancer says 3 years ago

[…] MGUS, IP6 and Inositol […]

MS KRISTIE FOLKES says 5 years ago

HI I am wondering the difference between Inositol and IP6 Inositol?

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi Kristie-

    I think it will be clearer for you if I copy and paste a reply to your question below-

    “So generally, if you see Inositol supplements, it is Myo-Inositol (ip6) on the bottle. This is important because myo-inositol is part of a family of 9 forms of inositol, otherwise known as an “isomer”. … An isomer has the same technical composition and arrangement of molecules but the placement of the atoms differs.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    David Emerson

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