Milk Thistle- Silymarin -Non-conventional, Anti-Cancer, Liver Healing

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Milk Thistle aka Silymarin- Non-conventional therapy for anti-inflammatory, apoptotic, anti-angiogenic, anti-metastatic,  anti-oxidant and integrative action-

Naming your most important organ is like asking a parent to choose a favorite child. All have strengths and weaknesses. However, everyone can agree that the liver health is critical to human life. Further, anyone who has undergone chemotherapy knows that his/her liver has been damaged. Healing liver damage is also critical to human life.

My liver suffered a double-whammy. My cancer is an “incurable” blood cancer called multiple myeloma and I underwent lots of chemotherapy between diagnosis and through my autologous stem cell transplant (’94-’95). I think having a clean healthy liver is really important to me.

In addition to citing the benefits to your liver of milk thistle supplementation, the second article linked below cites vitamin D to reduce the risk of liver cancer. In short, supplementation can make for a healthier liver.

I supplement with and recommend Life Extension European Milk Thistle-Advanced Phospholipid Delivery Softgels

Have you been diagnosed with cancer? If so, what type? What stage? I am both a cancer survivor and cancer coach. Please scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

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David Emerson

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  • Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Multitargeted therapy of cancer by silymarin

  • “Silymarin, a flavonolignan from milk thistle (Silybum marianum) plant, is used for the protection against various liver conditions in both clinical settings and experimental models… The number of studies has established the cancer chemopreventive role of silymarin in both in vivo and in vitro models.
  • In addition, silymarin also showed anti-inflammatory as well as anti-metastatic activity. Further, the protective effects of silymarin and its major active constituent, silibinin, studied in various tissues, suggest a clinical application in cancer patients as an adjunct to established therapies, to prevent or reduce chemotherapy as well as radiotherapy-induced toxicity…
  • This mini-review briefly summarizes multi-targeted chemopreventive and interventive targets and mechanisms of silymarin/silibinin in various in vitro and in vivo cancer models. All these results validate the pharmacological safety of silymarin, which is needed for effective chemopreventive as well as the chemotherapeutic agent. Silymarin exerts its anticancer effects by multiple molecular mechanisms that could block all stages of carcinogenesis, initiation, promotion, and progression…”

Higher vitamin D concentration lowers risk for overall, liver cancer

“Higher concentration of vitamin D correlated significantly with a lower risk for overall cancer and liver cancer, according to recently published data.

“Although the beneficial effects of vitamin D in the prevention of skeletal disorders have long been recognized, accumulating evidence suggests that the benefits may extend beyond bone health to include several chronic diseases, including cancer,” Sanjeev Budhathoki, MD, from the National Cancer Center, Tokyo, and colleagues wrote. “We observed that a higher circulating concentration of vitamin D was associated with a lower risk of subsequent cancer in a large Japanese population.”

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