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Multiple Myeloma Clinical Trials- What Happens To Bad Results?

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Myeloma Patients Depend on Research. Clinical Trials are the Mainstay of Cancer Research. What do Myeloma Patients do if Clinical Trial Results Kill or are Not Published?

You’ve been diagnosed with an incurable cancer. You may want to participate in a multiple myeloma clinical trial. When multiple myeloma (MM) patients decide to enroll in a clinical trial they are doing so in an effort to find some new therapy or combination of therapies that will reduce or even cure their incurable blood cancer.

In essence, they are saying “you can experiment on me and I hope to find a therapy that works.”

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In return for experimenting on myeloma patients, the organization doing the clinical trial (usually a for-profit company) has the requirement to publish the results of the multiple myeloma clinical trial- good, bad or ugly.

MM patients enrolling in clinical trials deserve to know everything about the risks they are taking.

According to the second article below, the drug company doing the multiple myeloma clinical trial is publishing the results only 8% of the time.

Once the trial is completed the drug company thoroughly analyzes the results, right? So why aren’t these companies publishing the results or multiple myeloma clinic trials?

The author of the article posted below thinks that the reason may be “disclosures that trial data containing safety or effectiveness information.”

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The struggle to do no harm in clinical trials

“Most people who enter a clinical trial for a cancer immunotherapy have advanced disease. They hope that the treatment, which aims to activate their T cells against cancer, will boost their life expectancy from months to years. In rare cases, however, the pendulum swings the other way and the treatment results in a fatal reaction.

Deaths in recent trials for three cancer immunotherapy drugs have put participants, researchers and drug companies on edge, largely because the causes of the deaths are not well understood…”

What Happens When Results Data From Clinical Trials Goes Missing?

“Over the past few years, several studies have indicated that drug makers and academic researchers fail to report results of clinical trials to a U.S. government website.

Only about 15,000 of the approximately 178,000 registered trials in the U.S.’s main database, ClinicalTrials.gov, currently include summaries of results, according to officials at the National Institutes of Health. That works out to a paltry 8%.

It is a cause for concern since the lack of results means that potentially important information about medicines is unknown…

The issue has been especially contentious for the pharmaceutical industry, which has endured scandals following disclosures that trial data containing safety or effectiveness information wasn’t previously disclosed.”

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