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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Multiple Myeloma – Second Opinion – Survivor

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A second opinion from a long-term myeloma survivor? But you’re not a myeloma expert…are you?

Can I give you a second opinion? Am I a myeloma expert? You be the judge.

My multiple myeloma diagnosis was in 2/94. This x-ray is how my skull looked after my second relapse. My oncologist told me that there was nothing more that she could do for me…back in September of 1997. Boy do I wish I had gotten a second opinion when I was first diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM). Boy do I wish myeloma cancer coaching was a thing then.

Managing a complicated blood cancer like multiple myeloma is about utilizing the best of both conventional and evidenced-based non-conventional therapies such as anti-angiogenic nutrition, supplementation and lifestyle therapies.


My oncologist was correct in that there was nothing more that conventional oncology could do for me.  However there is a world of evidence-based therapy that could do something for me. Here we are 20 plus years later and I’m still going strong,  granted with some long-term and late stage side effects that I wish I knew about before my conventional treatments began, but I’m here and I’m in complete remission.

I have dedicated my remission to helping MM patients like you get the information you need to make the best decisions for your treatment.

What do I mean when I talk about a different kind of second opinion?

Conventional MM oncology will prescribe the standard-of-care for newly diagnosed myeloma patients.

  1. Induction therapy- probably Revlimid, Velcade, Dexamethasone (RVd) followed closely by an autologous stem cell transplant and maintenance therapy. My experience is that the standard-of-care is overkill.
  2. While I agree that most MM patients need induction therapy to control their cancer, I can show you studies that cite the importance of how you respond to induction that dictates your future therapy.
  3. Finally, conventional oncology can’t cure multiple myeloma. Therefore you should consider pre-habilitation, complementary and integrative therapies as well as conventional therapies.

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma, let me say this loud and clear:

It is critical that you become an active participant in your care. Learn everything you can.

I am alive today largely because I took the time to learn everything I could about Multiple Myeloma and sought out the full spectrum of evidence-based MM therapies both conventional (FDA approved) and non-conventional.

Your decision-making begins by learning about the full spectrum of evidence-based myeloma therapies, both conventional and non-conventional.  Here are some questions you may have right now:

  • Do Multiple Myeloma specialists know more about MM than regular oncologists? Yes.
  • What side effects should I expect from my induction chemotherapy? Prevention is key.
  • What do I do if I don’t reach complete remission? Don’t panic.
  • What therapies can I use that my oncologist won’t tell me about? Triplets are superior to doublets.
  • Does it matter if I wait to have an autologous stem cell transplant- No. Studies show there is no survival advantage to having an ASCT earlier or later. Please watch the video below to learn more about the evidence-based, integrative therapies to combat treatment side effects and enhance your chemotherapy.https://youtu.be/ctekyVc9yGc

If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with multiple myeloma and you would like a second opinion from a long-term MM survivor, scroll down the page, post a question and I will reply to you ASAP.

Hang in there,
David Emerson
  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

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“Many of the early studies on cancer prehabilitation typically focused exclusively on building strength and stamina through an appropriate exercise regimen; however, more recent research has supported a multimodal approach that encompasses more than one intervention (ie, a combination of exercise, nutrition, and psychological strategies) to better prepare patients for the challenges associated with upcoming cancer treatments.2..”

Complementary and Integrative Approaches for Cancer Symptoms and Treatment Side Effects: What the Science Says

“The Society for Integrative Oncology 2009 clinical practice guidelines for the use of complementary therapies and botanicals in integrative oncology, recommends mind and body modalities as part of a multidisciplinary approach for reducing anxiety, mood disturbance, and chronic pain and for improving quality of life in people with cancer…”

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Rob says 4 years ago

Hi David, I am diagnosed with MM 2 months ago. Started induction treatment last week. Came across your website. Would like to consult with you on the diet and supplements

Please let me know how I could be in touch with you.

Thank you

    David Emerson says 4 years ago

    Hi Rob-

    i replied to you a few minutes ago via email. Let me know if you have any questions.

    David Emerson

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