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Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis- Treatment W/Out Conventional Therapies?

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“The issue, when talking about early stage MM, is mainly about symptoms. I am the first person to admit that chemotherapy and radiation cause short, long-term and late stage side effects.”

Hi David, I was wondering if your multiple myeloma cancer coaching program is suitable for someone like me. I was diagnosed with with lambda light chain multiple myeloma in 2015. I refused conventional treatment as at the time as I felt quite well.

40% of my blood plasma is cancerous, meaning I have MM cells in 40% of my blood.  I have no symptoms. I have been doing alternative treatments to stay well.

I am interested in your research into alternative treatments. Have you worked with anyone who has not done conventional treatment but alternative instead and remained well? Madge

Hi Madge-

Several things for you to consider.
Re your question about other multiple myeloma patients who have chosen not to undergo conventional therapies- The only people I work with who
  1. choose not to undergo toxic therapies and
  2. who have done well,
are those who were diagnosed at an early stage.
In other words, MM can be managed as long as a person’s diagnostic testing is reasonable, as long as little if any damage to bones, kidneys, etc. has occurred.
If a person is diagnosed with MM at stage II or III I advise people to undergo induction chemo in an effort to stabilize their MM. And then begin complementary, integrative and low-dose conventional therapies once their multiple myeloma is controlled.
The issue, when talking about early stage MM, is mainly about symptoms. I am the first person to admit that chemotherapy and radiation cause short, long-term and late stage side effects. However, if the patient is experiencing typical stage II or III symptoms, chemotherapy and radiation can stop those symptoms.
I will post several posts, studies below that explain what I am talking about with myelosuppression (reduced RBC, WBC and platelets) and kidney involvement, damage. Both of these symptoms can be life threatening and should be addressed immediately.
Let me know if you have any questions.
David Emerson
  • MM Survivor
  • MM Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Multiple Myeloma Symptom, Side Effect- Infection

Infection is the most common cause of death (COD) among multiple myeloma patients. Infection is both a multiple myeloma symptomand a multiple myeloma side effect. Myeloma patients are often diagnosed with anemia caused by myeloma cells crowding out red blood cells. Myeloma patients often develop a side effect from chemotherapy called neutropenia.

The challenge of all MM survivors is to prevent infections caused by your cancer as well as infections caused by the therapies prescribed to manage your cancer. 

Problems with the health of your  bone marrow due to:

Multiple Myeloma Diagnosis- Healing Bence-Jones Protein Kidney Damage

“You’ve received a multiple myeloma diagnosis. You’re scared because you’ve been told that MM is incurable, because you’ve never heard of this type of cancer before and because of something called Bence-Jones proteins, is/are damaging your kidney health…

Complicating your fear is talk of diagnostic tests- symptoms, staging, blood, urine, bone imaging- and on and on. Unless you are a medical professional yourself, you probably find the diagnostic testing jargon to be confusing and possibly frustrating.

My experience as a MM survivor is to start at the end and work your way forward.

Kidney failure is the second most common COD (cause of death). You have years of MM survivorship ahead of you. You want to do everything possible to protect or even improve your kidney health.

If you’ve been told you have

  • light chains or
  • Bence-Jones proteins (BJP)

this blog post may help.

For reference, MM oncologists, patients and survivors often use the acronym CRAB when discussing a patient’s symptoms. CRAB stands for Calcium, Renal, Anemia and Bones. When talking about light chains or BJP, we are talking about the R or renal aka your kidney function…”

Multiple Myeloma Symptom, Side Effect- Renal Insufficiency, Kidney Failure

“Renal failure (kidney damage) represents the most important factor influencing survival in patients with multiple myeloma…”

Once again, I am writing about both a multiple myeloma symptom,as well as a multiple myeloma side effect. Multiple myeloma itself can produce light chain proteins that can cause renal insufficiency. If the damage to the kidneys is severe enough, light chain proteins can cause chronic kidney disease and failure.

The question is, do MM patients die of chronic kidney failure only because of multiple myeloma light chains or do MM therapies add to kidney disease in MM patients causing renal insufficiency to become chronic kidney disease, the second leading cause of death in multiple myeloma?..”


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