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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Multiple Myeloma Diet- Smoothies are Fast, Easy, Nutritious

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Smoothies are Fast, Easy, Nutritious Therapy for Multiple Myeloma Patients and Survivors

Smoothies…who knew? Eating nutritiously is paramount for MM patients, survivors and caregivers. Before, during and after active treatment nutrition is both difficult and critical. Oncologists will agree that the single most effective way to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. your body needs is through your MM diet.

As we all know, our diet is not always as nutritious as they should be- especially if you are on active therapy. As a long-term survivor of multiple myeloma myself,  I have found smoothies to be a key nutritional tool.

To put this more directly, the appetite of the cancer patients can jump all over the place. I found smoothies to be that meal that was easy, fast, nutritious and could change flavors anytime I wanted.

The appetite of the cancer patient in treatment can be…difficult. Figuring out what/how to feed the cancer patient isn’t easy but it is extremely important!

For example, when I was on dexamethasone, my appetite and mood were…ahhh, not good. My MM diet needed help. Smoothies provided me with that help.

I’ve tried juicers, blenders, lots of different machines. I need a small, powerful, easy-to-clean method for making my smoothies.

Juicing versus Smoothies. I was a juicing disciple at one point in my life. And a person can juice spectacularly from many different kinds of organic veggies. My challenge was:

  • I didn’t want to take the time needed to prepare the veggies (wash, dry, cut, put in plastic bags, etc.)
  • I needed recipes- I couldn’t just throw a bunch of veggies into the juicer-some of my concoctions tasted awful
  • I wanted the fiber that comes with smoothies- juicing eliiminates fiber
  • I wanted the easy, fast nutrition that comes with smoothies

My wife gave me a NutriBullet a couple of Christmas’ ago.  I wake my high school son each morning during the school year.

I will be direct. I needed a breakfast I could prepare that is fast, easy to fix, easy to clean-up, nutritious, and most importantly of all, tasty.

Let’s face it, my son is a picky eater…

While Alex is getting ready for school I come downstairs to the kitchen and pull the NutriBullet from the cupboard. I throw a bunch of

  • fruit (whatever is in season),
  • juice (blends more easily with liquid in the mix),
  • vitamins/supplements,
  • coconut flakes (tastes good, good fat),
  • protein powder (my son is growing like a weed),
  • nuts (mixed nuts, walnuts, peanuts, etc.)
  • peanut butter,
  • dark chocolate, (different recipes, of course…)
  • maybe some spices like cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, etc.

into my NutriBullet, screw on the blade and blend for about 10-15 seconds and presto!

No added sugar, none. Protein is key for the growing adolescent male. At 16, my son Alex is 6’5″ and 165 lbs. Tall and skinny.

Each smoothie, each morning, is chock full of nutrition. Alex and I start our day with protein, fiber, vitamins, antioxidants, etc. I drink half, Alex drinks half.

And they taste great.

If you prefer to follow recipes, the NutriBullet comes with a smoothie recipe book. Further, the package that my wife gave me came with two other containers. Lids as well.

I am a long-term myeloma survivor. Anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant nutrition, supplementation and evidence-based lifestyle therapies are the foundation of my anti-myeloma lifestyle.

Please watch the video below to learn more about the evidence-based, integrative therapies to combat treatment side effects and enhance your chemotherapy.

Have you been diagnosed with multiple myeloma? Scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingcancer

To Learn More about both Smoothies and Juicing- read now-

Multiple Myeloma Diet

I have remained in complete remission through a combination of nutrition, supplementation, lifestyle and mind-body therapies. Anti-angiogenic (anti-Myeloma) nutrition runs throughout these themes.

You or a loved one has been diagnosed with pre-multiple myeloma (MGUS or SMM) or full blown MM stages 1,2 or 3. Yes, there are studies that confirm that a multiple myeloma diet works. Or I should say that foods that are anti angiogenic can be actual therapy.

While I believe that my diet is one of the evidence-based therapies that helps me remain in CR, I have a confession to make. I don’ diet. That is to say, I don’t follow a Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Atkins, etc. etc. diet.

If I’m talking to a MM patient, survivor or caregiver who asks me about what I eat, I will say that I follow a Flexitarian diet...sort of. I will mention that diet because it

  1. emphasizes fruits and veggies
  2. allows for a little meat
  3. is flexible (I need this…)

My final comment to whomever is asking, is my overall philosophy- progress, not perfection. I have to say this because…let’s face it…I cheat. Not a lot but I need to acknowledge this. Let me add a few more anti-MM specifics…”

Multiple Myeloma Patients’ Nutrition- Smoothies beat Juicing-

You’ve been diagnosed with multiple myeloma (MM). You’re wondering how to maximize your nutrition. How do you stay hydrated while you get antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, protein, and more into you in a fast, tasty, fun way?

Multiple Myeloma (MM) patients need nutrition before, during and after therapy. In a nutshell, smoothies beat juicing. Here’s why. One of the most common short-term side-effects of chemotherapy is nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea.

I don’t like writing about these side-effects but hydration, nutrition, and health is a key goal for all cancer patients. To complicate matters, food may be the last thing on your mind while undergoing treatment. Ingesting food, any food, may be a challenge. So what do you do?


One of the cancer pathways cited in the research is “The Warburg Effect.” In short, the W.E. explains that cancer cells use huge amounts of glycolysis to grow and multiply. The actual process is much more complicated but the fact is because smoothies cause less of a blood sugar spike, smoothies beat juicing for multiple myeloma patients and survivors. 

I start my day with a smoothie. My son and I split one every school day. The fructose (fruit sugar) in whole fruit/veggies is moderated by all the dietary fiber contained in a fruit/veggie smoothie. To be honest, I am lazy where meal preparation is concerned. Preparing juices takes more time and effort than preparing a smoothie- especially with modern smoothie blenders. More importantly, smoothies are easier to clean-up.

Further, I prefer smoothies because I can add nutrition easily and effectively. Not only can I add fruits and veggies but I can add

I didn’t have this sort of freedom when I tried juicing. Adding protein powder is easy to do and according to the last study linked below, helps me maintain muscle mass.

Fast, easy, nutritious and filling. Juicing is nutritious but it removes the fiber that is included in smoothies. In short, for cancer patients, smoothies beat juicing.

While smoothies chock full of vitamins/minerals/fiber etc. is an excellent start to your day, consider those therapies that have kept me in complete remission from my multiple myeloma since 4/99.

  1. Listing of the most successful multiple myeloma specialists and hospitals
  2. Dozens of foods that starve MM (anti-angiogenic) foods
  3. Integrative therapies that synergize with common multiple myeloma chemotherapy regimens,
  4. Over a dozen evidence-based mind-body therapies,
  5. Detoxification therapies,
  6. Both conventional and non-conventional bone health therapies
  7. Review and links to more than 20 online MM support groups
  8. Studies reviewing Cannabis/CBD as integrative MM therapy, pain therapy, and stand-alone MM therapy-

I am both a long-term MM survivor and MM cancer coach. To learn more about multiple myeloma Cancer Coaching scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

Are Smoothies Better for You Than Juices?

Blending vs. Juicing? Eating whole fruits is more beneficial than drinking fruit juices, but are smoothies, which involve blending whole fruits, more beneficial (in terms of fiber content and effect on blood sugar levels) than juicing?

Most juices have had all the pulp removed, so the sugar is more concentrated and the juice contains little if any fiber. Smoothies, on the other hand, maintain their fiber, even though it has been pulverized, and fiber helps slow down the absorption of fructose, the main sugar in fruit.

“Juice would cause the biggest spike in blood sugar,” Ms. Foroutan said. “An all-fruit smoothie would also cause a spike in blood sugar, though probably not as much. Eating the fruit whole would have the most gentle effect…

It’s hard to make comparisons when it comes to juice and smoothies, but an eight-ounce cup of unsweetened apple juice or orange juice contains at least 22 grams of sugar (equivalent to about five and a half teaspoons of sugar), and both contain less than a gram of fiber. A smoothie made from a banana and a cup of frozen raspberries has only slightly less sugar – about 20 grams — but 12 grams of fiber (three grams in the banana, and nine grams in the raspberries)…

But smoothies have a health halo they don’t always deserve. A store-bought smoothie can be just as caloric and loaded with added sugar as a milkshake — especially if it’s super-sized.

An all-fruit smoothie can cause a rise in blood sugar if you’re eating it alone, without any protein or fat, Ms. Foroutan said. If you find you’re often hungry shortly after drinking a high-calorie smoothie, “smoothies may not be a great weight loss strategy for you.””

Protein supplementation augments the adaptive response of skeletal muscle to resistance-type exercise training: a meta-analysis.

“Protein supplementation increases muscle mass and strength gains during prolonged resistance-type exercise training in both younger and older subjects…”

Many studies confirm that a majority of patients undergoing cancer therapy use non-conventional therapies such as the supplements discussed below-

 Experience and years of research have taught me that cancer patients must understand and utilize evidence-based, non-conventional therapies-antioxidant/nutritional supplements in particular. I include myself in that recommendation.  Supplementation has been central to my own cancer survival since 1994.
I supplement for many reasons:
  • Curcumin, resveratrol, quercetin, green tea extract and omega-3 fatty acids, for instance, are anti-angiogenic and therefore apoptotic to my cancer.
  •  CoQ10, magnesium, omega-3’s, Hawthorn/Arjuna, for example, help me manage my chemo-induced heart damage.
  •  Vitamin D has been shown to support bone health as well as prevent a host of different cancers.
  • Nattokinase, Wobenzym and omega-3’s help prevent another blood clot.

Alternative practitioner Ruthi Backenroth composed and researched the list of supplements below. Neither this post nor the list below is medical advice. The list below is meant to provide general information for your own research into what you as the cancer patient may decide to do. In a perfect world, we cancer patients would be able to work with our oncologists regarding both conventional and non-conventional therapies.

I am both a long-term survivor of an “incurable” cancer and cancer coach. I work with cancer patients and caregivers to research both conventional and non-conventional therapies, such as supplementation, for their specific type and stage of cancer. 

The bottom line is that while you, the patient, are in-charge of your health and therapy, it is in your interest to include your oncologist in a discussion of antioxidant supplementation.

For more information about supplementation or nutriceuticals to both enhance conventional therapies while reducing collateral damage, scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

Integrating dietary supplements into cancer care.

“Abstract– Many studies confirm that a majority of patients undergoing cancer therapy use self-selected forms of complementary therapies, mainly dietary supplements. Unfortunately, patients often do not report their use of supplements to their providers. The failure of physicians to communicate effectively with patients on this use may result in a loss of trust within the therapeutic relationship and in the selection by patients of harmful, useless, or ineffective and costly nonconventional therapies when effective integrative interventions may exist. Poor communication may also lead to a diminishment of patient autonomy and self-efficacy and thereby interfere with the healing response.

To reach a mutually informed decision about the use of these supplements, the Clinical Practice Committee of The Society of Integrative Oncology undertook the challenge of providing basic information to physicians who wish to discuss these issues with their patients. A list of leading supplements that have the best suggestions of benefit was constructed by leading researchers and clinicians who have experience in using these supplements.”

Thank you Ruthi Backenroth for the information below- Ruthi is an alternative practitioner, an expert at helping people get stress and pain relief without additional medication.  In fact, people are able to think more clearly about their medical decisions and their relationships when the stress and pain are lower.

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Ada says last year

My mother has MM and the initial chemo she was receiving, I believe damaged her kidneys. She is now on 2 new meds: Kyprolis(121mg) & Daratumumab/Hyaluronidase(1800mg) and on hemodialysis 3 times per week. Her appetite is terrible and there is so much weight loss. I am at a loss but stumbled on my site and wanted to incorporate smoothies…any thoughts

    David Emerson says last year

    Hi Ada-

    I replied to your question via email. Please check your spam folder if you don’t find my reply in your

    David Emerson

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Fionna says a couple of years ago

My husband has MM and is back at work and cycling everyday after three breaks in his back n stem cell two years ago. He has fatigue. He would like a breakfast smoothie to relieve this to have throughout morning but not fattening. It’s been suggested green smoothies. He’s on Revlimid daily.

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Fiona-

    I’m not sure if you are asking a question. I drink smoothies myself though I can’t say they are not fattening. I do believe green smoothies are nutritious. Let me know if you have specific questions.


    David Emerson

Hector I Lanzo says a couple of years ago

Hi, I was recently diagnosed with Stage 2 MM. Not only the scary experience and knowing your days are count. I believe in God and the nature he gave us. I know that eat right and follow a good regimen will help me to get better. I like the smoothies and juicing. I just want to know that I can believe in this product, program or coaching. How do I know this is not a prank?. How do I know this is true?.

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Hector-

    I will email you directly and send you a couple of the MM CC course guides.


Marian says a couple of years ago

Do you have any recommendations for a BAM (bile acid malabsorption) sufferer, the side effect of taking Revlimid to maintain remission after a stem cell transplant?

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Marian-

    I am sorry to report that I know little about BAM much less have recommendations for this side effect. However, I will suggest possible solutions.

    If low-dose maintenance therapy, Revlimid in this case, is causing BAM, consider lowering the dose of Revlimid, consider taking a Revlimid vacation, consider taking a different low-dose maintenance chemotherapy. Low dose Velcade may work better than Revlimid.

    Also, whenever I read the word diarrhea, my mind immediately goes to nutritional therapies.

    Ground Flaxseed stared in your morning juice (I do this)

    I hope this may offer some help.

    David Emerson

Laurie Jacobs says a couple of years ago


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Debbie says 4 years ago

My mother was diagnosed with multiple my number about seven months ago I’m trying to find a smoothie that is tasteful and nutritious to help her we try chemotherapy we had to take Her off of the chemotherapy because it just about killed her

    David Emerson says 4 years ago

    Hi Debbie-

    Several things. First and foremost, I am sorry to learn of your mother’s MM diagnosis. Secondly, it is common for MM patients to have strong reactions to induction chemotherapy. Research shows that pre-habilitation or getting in shape for chemotherapy can help people like your mom.

    To answer your question specifically, my choice of smoothie when I was undergoing chemotherapy was to put peanut butter, dark chocolate and berries (anti-angiogenic aka anti-MM according to research) blueberries, red rasperries, black raspberries, whatever is in season where you live.

    Another smoothie trick is to add ice cream and BOOST or the equivalent. Choose the flavor that your mom prefers- coffee, vanilla, chocolate, etc.

    Smoothies are only one of the therapies to pre-habilitate. Consider anti-angiogenic supplementation (curcumin, resveratrol, etc.). Many nutritional supplements have been shown to be cytotoxic (kill) multiple myeloma.

    Conventional MM oncology is an important component of your mom’s therapy plan now and in the future. However, experience and research have taught me that oncology can often overdo chemotherapy. Depending on your mom’s stage at diagnosis, age and general health, the one-size-fits-all approach taken by MM oncology can cause real problems for your mom.

    There are several integrative nutritional therapies that have shown to integrate with MM chemotherapy. What types, names of chemotherapy is your mom undergoing? Any symptoms- bone, kidney damage? Fatigue, infections?

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

    Hang in there,

    David Emerson

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Babylyn says 7 years ago

Can you provide more tips on smoothies? I hve MM also and I dropped weight fast. Any suggestions on how to put weight on? I’m currently not doing any type of Chemo treatments. Juicing and Cannibus oil.

    David Emerson says 7 years ago

    Hi Babylon-

    I am sorry to learn of your MM diagnosis. I wrote the blog post about smoothies to tell cancer patients that 1) I love my smoothies but 2) I am no chef.

    I always start each smoothie with a banana. I don’t know why but a banana is key to create the right texture. Next, I always add protein powder. My tall, skinny son features heavily into my creation so protein is critical for us both. It sounds as though you could use daily protein as well. The last ingredients depend on the flavor of the smoothie I am hoping for. For instance if I am going for a peanut butter/chocolate flavored smoothie I add about two teaspoons of PB, some dark chocolate and coconut water.

    I almost forgot. I also ALWAYS add drink able yogurt/kefir. Depending what flavor I am going for I add coconut flakes, nuts, cinnamon, fresh fruit, frozen fruit, others. Easy to make, easy to clean. Serves two of us.

    What was your stage at diagnosis? Any symptoms such as bone pain or kidney damage? Are you planning on any conventional chemo?

    David Emerson

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