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Myeloma Kidney- Lambda Light Chains- Chemo? Curcumin?

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The challenge with non-conventional MM therapies are studies that cite “time and dose dependent manner.” Curcumin, CBD oil and Black Seed Oil may be helpful but the studies don’t report a specific dose.

Hi David-  I am caregiving my husband who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma. I’m giving my husband curcumin supplements both pill (1) and spoonful of liquid.  What dose of curcumin would you recommend?  Also giving him CBD oil. What is the best and what is the dosage? Also Black Seed Oil. Dose?
I’m slso giving my husband Black Seed Oil in liquid supplement. About 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons.  What would be the correct dose and the best product?
I’m not good with technology and I can’t seem to be able to get to your coaching site .  Please help!
My husband had been on this regime about a month.  He is about to go back on chemo again.  Last number for his lambda light chains was 142 last month.
Also feeding him shitake mushrooms.  Any help you can give would be much appreciated. Just read about glutamine blocking and possibly green tea consumption.
I know I need to pay on a certain site but am unable to do so. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Hi MM Caregiver-

I will break down your questions/comments in order to reply to you as best as I can.
1) “What dose of curcumin would you recommend?”
Every study of curcumin and MM I’ve ever read, when talking about dosing, only says “in a dose and time dependent manner.”I think this means the more, the longer, the better.
To complicate dosing of curcumin, many brands, many curcumin formulas provide different “bioavailability.” That is a fancy word for how much curcumin gets into your blood stream. I will link a post below about “The Most Bioavailable Curcumin Formulas.”
I take one capsule (400 milligrams) of Life Extension SuperBio Curcumin daily. Some with active MM take 8 GRAMS of curcumin daily. One gram equals 1000 milligrams.
2) “Also giving him CBD oil. What is the best and what is the dosage”
CBD Oil has a different but similar issue when it comes to dosing. There is no single brand of CBD oil like there is for laundry detergent (Tide) or a soft-drink (Coke). My point here is that you can buy Tide or Coke in any state in the U.S. and the contents are exactly the same.
This is not the case for CBD oil. Each state (if medical marijuana is legal), each dispensary, will carry different strains of CBD oil behind the counter. Each strain will contain a different percentage of cannabinoids IN that mixture.
The best answer I can give you is what people tell me- they start by putting one drop of CBD oil under their tongues before bed for a few days. Then then put two drops, three drops, etc.
I will link a post about high cannabinoid strains below.
3) “Also giving John Black Seed Oil in liquid supplement.  About 1 to 1 1/2 teaspoons.  What would be the correct dose and the best product?”
I don’t take black seed oil myself. I discovered its multifaceted MM properties just a few months ago. The article I excerpted is below. The study talks able a formula that is 3% black seed oil however, most of the brands I found online had only 2.5% BSO.
4) “Can’t seem to be able to get to your coaching site.”
5) ” He is about to go back on chemo again.  Last number for his lambda light chains was 142 last month”
I would need to see John’s diagnostic info (creatinine, BUN, eGFR) but there is a good chance that John’s MM, specifically the lambda light chains, are clogging his kidneys and reducing his kidney function. Further, certain chemotherapy regimens, gadolinium (MRI contrast agent), even NSAIDS, can also damage John’s kidneys.
The point is that John is walking a fine line between managing his MM and managing his kidney health.
6) “Also feeding him shitake mushrooms.”
Can you be more specific? A mixture? Brand?
Let me know if you have any questions.
Hang in there,
David Emerson
  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

The Most BioAvailable Curcumin Formulas

“A search of the Pubmed database for the word curcumin yields 601 studies spanning health topics from multiple myeloma (MM) and colorectal cancer, to chemotherapy regimens that integrate with CU, to Alzheimer’s Disease, arthritis and more. Based on years of reading studies and personal accounts, I think it is safe to say that CU supplementation is safe and relatively inexpensive and effective
The study linked and exerpted below reviews different formulations of CU. The study itself lists the three most bioavailable formulation/brand of CU and I’ve added an excerpt from a further review from Consumerlab.com that lists four additional bioavailable brands of CU…”

5 High Cannabinoid Percentage C-B-D Oil Strains for Multiple Myeloma

“But here’s the thing. Many C-B-D oils have a very low percentage of cannabinoids IN them. Since it is cannabinoids that are the medicine aka the good stuff, then low percentages of the good stuff is not what I want. I want as high a percentage of cannabinoids IN the C-B-D oil I buy as possible.

Another fly in the ointment is that C-B-D strains are all over the place, from the perspective of availability. I want to be able to walk into a medical marijuana dispensary and ask for the highest cannabinoid percentage C-B-D oil possible.

The article linked and excerpted below is light on evidence-based sources. The article refers to cannabinoid content for specific strains but I have no idea of the validity of these statements…”

Multiple Myeloma- Black Seed Oil, TQ- Kill MM, Pro Bone, Kidney, Heart-

Black Seed Oil- ThymoQuin contains 15 mg Thymoquinone extracted from black seed oil. Administration was in the form of liquid capsules (BCC002) manufactured by Nature’s Value Inc-

Subjects were given a daily dose of 500 mg ThymoQuin containing 15 mg (Thymoquinone) in the form of capsules for 42 days…

Results: Twenty patients received 500mg daily of ThymoQuin™ (3% thymoquinone) for six weeks. A significant decrease in blood pressure and an increase in heart rate could be observed. Following the washout period and placebo treatment, blood pressure was slightly increased and the treatment effects started diminishing.

Conclusion: Daily dosing with 3% thymoquinone was successful in reducing blood pressure in healthy adults.”

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NIRA FRIED HIRSHENBERG says a couple of years ago

concerning CBD OIL I get CBD oil with 20% CBD,and 0.2% THC or less.I read somewhere,perhaps even in your disscussions that also the THC is essencial for exterminating the MM cells.I don’t remember if it was really so;could you please specify\elaborate upon it? i.e–is THC at all necessary for the killing the MM cells,and if so at which dosage? me too,I don’t like the ”getting high”effect of the THC,but if it helps erradicate the MM cells,I will be reddy to take it ,(before bed,so I wont feel this effect=while sleeping).As said I did buy a CBD oil with 20% CBD,but if I can find a higher percentage,let’s say 30% or more would it be even better(i.e.the higher the merryer)?I bought the full spectrume by the way,not the PURE CBD ONLY oil.I will appriciate so much your opinion

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Nira- the research into whether or not THC is important for CBD’s cancer killing ability is not well understood as far as I know. Nor is strain of cannabis nor is dosage. Yes, in general, a higher percentage of cannabinoids IN the CBD oil is more effective however that is as far as the research goes as far as I know.

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