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Myeloma Therapy- Non-Conventional, Non-Toxic

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Is drinking OJ going to cure your myeloma? Probably not. Should you consider drinking OJ daily in your efforts to enhance the nutritive content of your daily diet? Yes. Is OJ an evidence-based non-conventional, non-toxic MM Therapy? Yes. 

I’ll bet your day is filled with evidence-based non-conventional multiple myeloma therapy (ies) that you don’t know are there. How do you feel about eating fish (omega-3 fatty acids). Thai food (curry)? Ever drink red wine (resveratrol)?

You can include these foods and nutritional supplements in your daily diet and may enhance you health during chemo or radiation therapy (if you are, in fact, undergoing myeloma therapy) and there are a number of foods and nutritional supplements that can reduce your risk of relapse from your myeloma. Curcumin and resveratrol are only two of many different evidence-based, non-toxic therapies show to kill MM.

When most people hear about “supplementation” they think about One-a-day or Centrum multivitamins. While these multivitamins may or may not improve your health, this is not what this blog post is about.

What this post is really about are evidence-based but non-conventional, non-toxic therapies such as anti-angiogenic nutrition and intravenous vitamin C- see the second study linked and excerpted below.

Conventional oncology doesn’t know how to cure MM. My approach, as a MM survivor,  has been to throw both conventional and non-conventional therapies at my MM and it has worked pretty well so far.

I am a MM survivor and MM coach. Since my complete remission from my “incurable” cancer in early ’99 I have researched and follow an evidence-based, non-conventional, non-toxic cancer regimen daily, weekly, etc.

Have you been diagnosed with multiple myeloma? What stage? Would you like to learn more about evidence-based non-conventional MM therapies? Please scroll down the page, post a question or a comment and I will reply ASAP.

thank you,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Orange Juice and Cancer Chemoprevention

“The chemopreventive action of OJ is related to its effect on metabolic enzymes and its antiinflammatory, cytoprotective/apoptotic, hormonal, cell signaling-modulating, antioxidant, and antigenotoxic effects. Most studies on OJ are in vitro, and few are conducted in vivo…

OJ is antimutagenic in bacteria and antigenotoxic in humans and rodents. Studies using rodent cancer models showed that OJ is cancer chemopreventive, influencing either the induction stage or the promotion stage…

The composition and, therefore, the chemopreventive action of OJ might be influenced by different cultivars, climates, extraction methods, packaging, storage temperatures, and shelf lives, among other factors…”

Multiple Myeloma Tumor Cells are Selectively Killed by Pharmacologically-dosed Ascorbic Acid

“High-dose chemotherapies to treat multiple myeloma (MM) can be life-threatening due to toxicities to normal cells and there is a need to target only tumor cells and/or lower standard drug dosage without losing efficacy.

We show that pharmacologically-dosed ascorbic acid (PAA), in the presence of iron, leads to the formation of highly reactive oxygen species (ROS) resulting in cell death. PAA selectively kills CD138+MM tumor cells derived from MM and smoldering MM (SMM) but not from monoclonal gammopathy undetermined significance (MGUS) patients.

PAA alone or in combination with melphalan inhibits tumor formation in MM xenograft mice. This study shows PAA efficacy on primary cancer cells and cell lines in vitro and in vivo…”

Leave a Comment:

Clifford R Sadgrove says last month

What levels of Vitamin C should I take? I was diagnosed with MM in 2011 and am currently 81 years of age. I take a Multivitamin Daily as well as about 4 oz of Orange Juice daily.

    David Emerson says last month

    Hi Clifford-

    Your daily dose of vitamin C depends on what, if any chemotherapy you are also undergoing that day (vitmamin C has been shown to reduce the efficacy of Velcade aka bortezomib), and then what amount of vitamin C is in your daily multi and OJ.- All to say, I take 1000 milligrams (MG) daily. Any more than that gives me diarrhea. I know people who take 2,000 mg.

    I hope this helps.

    David Emerson

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