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Myeloma- WBH aka Detoxification

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Multiple Myeloma Therapy-Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body.

A few years after my diagnosis of multiple myeloma I began to notice articles and studies citing exposure to chemicals as a possible cause of multiple myeloma. More specifically many of these articles talked about printers or printing company employees as being at higher risk of a myeloma diagnosis. I worked in at a commercial lithography company for the five years preceding my cancer diagnosis. I wondered if detoxification may be an important MM therapy for me.

When I came across the articles linked below it confirmed my belief in chemical exposure as increasing the risk of a multiple myeloma diagnosis. Do I think that working in a printing plant caused my MM? No.

But chemical exposure certainly didn’. After many rounds of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation, it is safe to say that I suffer from heavy metals exposure. At this point is the need to detoxify my body.

The next step then was to figure out how to detoxify my body. The easiest, most relaxing and heart-healthy therapy to detoxify my body that I do is whole-body hypothermia. This is a fancy way of saying I take a sauna three times a week. My sauna is about 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I sit in this heat for between 15-25 minutes.

According to the studies linked below this therapy allows me to kill cancer stem cells, sweat out heavy metals,  and generally feel relaxed.

To learn more about detoxification therapies that cancer patients can do scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply ASAP.

Ed. Note- I wrote the above post in late 2010. I developed chemotherapy-induced heart damage at that time. Whole-body hyperthermia is great therapy for my heart and blood pressure as well. I have been in complete remission from MM since 1999.

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Thank you,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Basic principles in hyperthermic tumor therapy.

Literature on hyperthermic tumor therapy in the past 10 years has grown exponentially. Since 1975 three international symposia on cancer therapy by hyperthermia have been held. Hyperthermia is of clinical interest in the temperature range of 40 degrees-43 degrees C. Higher temperatures of 44 degrees-46 degrees C are not clinically realizable. With local heat application, a higher elevation of tissue temperature is possible.

Whole-body hyperthermia in men is limited physiologically, as the rate of complications increases exponentially above 42 degrees C. The heat dose normally is defined by temperature degree and time of temperature elevation…

Many investigations have been done on the interaction of heat and cytostatics; in vitro experiments evaluated three types. First, the activity of many drugs increases slightly with temperature; no special effects are observed above 42 degrees C. Examples of drugs of that pattern are the hypoxic sensitizer Ro-07-0582 and the alkylating agents thio-TEPA and CCNU. The second type of mechanism is seen with cytostatic drugs which exhibit greatly increased effectiveness at temperatures above 42 degrees C; adriamycin and bleomycin belong to this type.

Blood, urine, and sweat (BUS) study: monitoring and elimination of bioaccumulated toxic elements.

“There is limited understanding of the toxicokinetics of bioaccumulated toxic elements and their methods of excretion from the human body. This study was designed to assess the concentration of various toxic elements in three body fluids: blood, urine and sweat.

Blood, urine, and sweat were collected from 20 individuals (10 healthy participants and 10 participants with various health problems) and analyzed for approximately 120 various compounds, including toxic elements. Toxic elements were found to differing degrees in each of blood, urine, and sweat. Serum levels for most metals and metalloids were comparable with those found in other studies in the scientific literature. Many toxic elements appeared to be preferentially excreted through sweat. Presumably stored in tissues, some toxic elements readily identified in the perspiration of some participants were not found in their serum. Induced sweating appears to be a potential method for elimination of many toxic elements from the human body. Biomonitoring for toxic elements through blood and/or urine testing may underestimate the total body burden of such toxicants. Sweat analysis should be considered as an additional method for monitoring bioaccumulation of toxic elements in humans.

9/11 Responders May Be At Raised Myeloma Risk

“”The concerning thing,” he added, “is it makes biological sense. There is certain data that multiple myeloma is associated with an increased exposure to certain chemicals. It has never been shown with inhaled chemicals but this amount of exposure probably did get into the blood.” Smith was not involved in the study…

Of 28,252 responders being followed as part of the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program, eight cases of multiple myeloma were diagnosed between Sept. 11, 2001 and Sept. 10, 2007.

Slightly more than six cases would be expected in the general population during a similar time frame, the researchers noted.”

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Disney says last year

Hello Dave, A friend has been monitoring her SMM for more than 5 years. Her numbers starting going up recently and her MD is recommending enrolling in a Phase 3 trial for isatuximab in combination with the standard lenalidomide and dexamethasone. Would you mind mentioning which type of chemo you did? Would you consider the chemo & radiation helpful in buying you time? Thanks in advance for any info you could share.

    David Emerson says last year

    Hi Sidney-

    Upon diagnosis of MM, I underwent induction, and an ASCT reaching end-stage in 9/97. The therapy that took me from end-stage myeloma to complete remission was a controversial alternative therapy- see link below. Too soon for your friend to consider ANP at this stage.

    Every trial I have read over the past five years, testing therapy for pre-myeloma patients (MGUS, SMM) shows that treatment will postpone a diagnosis of MM but will cause side effects and not translate to a longer overall survival aka length of life. Research shows that the most significant impact your friend can have on her SMM, MM is to pre-habilitate now for as long as possible.


    Research shows that mm patients do better with help from caregivers :-).

    Hang in there,

    David Emerson

Michelle says a couple of years ago

Hi, I found this mat: https://www.biomat.com/usage/personal/ It is far infrared. According to the site it is FDA approved so we might be able to get insurance to pay for it. Have you had any success based on MM? I think it meets the criteria of heating the body up long enough to kill MM cells.

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Michelle-

    I have no experience with biomass either for MM treatment or any other form of treatment. Sorry I can’t be more helpful.

    David Emerson

Christine Gerez says a couple of years ago

In the recent study you link to, evidence shows myeloma cell death at a temp as low as 102,2, but that is over 4 hours. Short of having a fever I would think raising the core body temp in a sauna would take quite a high temp and long length of time, sweating is our way to cool the core. I am not questioning the value of a routine sauna, I am just trying to figure out temp/time parameters. Do you have a source/chart that estimates the temp of the sauna and how it may relate to body temp over time?

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Christine-

    There is no chart of the type that you ask about in any of the studies I’ve read about whole body hyperthermia and MM. I’ve read questions from MM patients asking about Finnish sauna, infrared sauna, a body blanket, temperatures, etc. Like most every other evidence-based complementary therapy that I know of, there are lots of variables. It can be frustrating if you are a MM patient.

    All I can offer is my practice of a 20 min. sauna, approx. 4 times a week at 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Thanks, David

    A second type of mechanism is seen with cytostatic drugs which exhibit greatly increased effectiveness at temperatures above 42 degrees C; adriamycin and bleomycin belong to this type.

Debbie DeSimone says 3 years ago

hi any thoughts on cryotherapy.? cold therapy is becoming trendy here in OC Calif. thank you for article on detox with heat. I have MM Debbie

    David Emerson says 3 years ago

    Hi Debbie-

    Cryotherapy can be used several different ways. Which way are you asking about?

    David Emerson

Darcy Merritt Davis says 3 years ago

Which is best…near or far sauna?

    David Emerson says 3 years ago

    HI Darcy-

    Not sure how you define “best.” The studies I have read about detoxification do not distinguish between types of sauna. Many people these days can install an infrared sauna in their home- so that’s pretty nice…

    David Emerson

Renee Gautier Hague says 5 years ago

I don’t know where I can get a sauna locally.

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi Renee-

    Not knowing where “locally” is I will talk about sauna’s around where I live in Cleveland, Ohio. My town has all the below and I’m sure you can find many more options in bigger, swankier cities. Small towns, maybe not.

    1) Clubs- from fancy places like golf, tennis, etc. clubs. Also clubs like Life Time Fitness, LA Fitness, local or national chains. I belong to a local Life Time Fitness, the national chain, and love it. I pay $80 per mo.

    2) Hotels- many hotels offer memberships for their workout facilities (gym, sauna, etc.) for local members. Prices and facilities vary.

    3) Home saunas- Infrared heat- one person, two person, etc. I placed a link to a well-reviewed home sauna in the blog post below-

    Whole Body Hyperthermia

    Let me know if you have any questions.

    David Emerson

Alain Viel says 5 years ago

can the swet be analysed to determine what kind of chemical I was exposed to?

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi Alain,

    That is a good question that I do not know the answer to. Have you been diagnosed with MM?

    David Emerson

Irina says 5 years ago

Does infrared sauna help decrease the chance of Smoldering Myeloma developing into Multiple Myeloma? Is near-infrared or far-infrared better for this purpose, or combo? Asking because a loved one was just diagnosed with Smoldering Myeloma. Thanks!

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi Irina,

    I am sorry to learn of your loved one’s SMM diagnosis. Several things to consider. The article excerpted and linked below is from the N.I.H. website gives an overall explanation of hyperthermia as a cancer therapy. The explanation does not discuss far vs. near infrared therapy. Further, while I’ve blogged about WBH on PeopleBeatingCancer several times as a myeloma survivor, I have never found a study or article that speaks about WBH directly to blood cancers in general or pre-MM/MM specifically.

    Therefore my experience below is just that. My experience. To answer your question, yes, I think whole body hyperthermia from a sauna, either far or near infrared sauna, decreases the risk of Smoldering Myeloma from developing into Multiple Myeloma. My reasoning is outlined below.

    1) I consider WBH an integral part of my MM therapies. My definition of WBH is to raise my internal body temperature to about 102 degrees fahrenheit. I do this by sitting in a sauna at approx. 175 degrees for approximately 35-45 mins.

    2) The majority of studies I’ve read about WBH talk about this therapy as an ajunct therapy to either radiation or chemotherapy. Because I am in CR from my MM I am not undergoing chemo or radiation and therefore consider my nutrition/supplementation regimen to be non-toxic chemotherapy.

    All to say I supplement with curcumin, resveritrol, green tea extract, etc. before I go take my sauna and research confirms that these anti-oxidant, anti-angiogenic supplements are in my blood stream while I am increasing my internal body temperature.

    Keep in mind that sweating detoxes heavy metals, lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of dementia.

    Hyperthermia in Cancer TreatmentHyperthermia in Cancer

    “Whole-body hyperthermia is used to treat metastatic cancer that has spread throughout the body. This can be accomplished by several techniques that raise the body temperature to 107-108°F, including the use of thermal chambers (similar to large incubators) or hot water blankets…”

Ann says 5 years ago

Can I get an infra red sauna while on velcade? Thank you!

    David Emerson says 5 years ago

    Hi Maggie-

    I assume you are asking if far infrared sauna interferes with Velcade in any way. According to research, hyperthermia enhances chemotherapy. Heat makes chemo work better.

    David Emerson

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