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Multiple Myeloma an incurable disease, but I have spent the last 25 years in remission using a blend of conventional oncology and evidence-based nutrition, supplementation, and lifestyle therapies from peer-reviewed studies that your oncologist probably hasn't told you about.

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Multiple Myeloma Therapy- Whole-Body Hyperthermia (Sauna)

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Whole-Body Hyperthermia (sauna) is cytotoxic to myeloma, lowers blood pressure, rids the body of heavy metals and is relaxing…

Whole-Body Hyperthermia (sauna) is about as non-conventional a multiple myeloma therapy as there is. If you have been diagnosed with an incurable blood cancer called multiple myeloma (MM) there is a good chance you may get depressed. Or get chemobrain. Or develop heart damage. Or increase your intake of heavy metals (chemotherapy).

Whole-body Hyperthermia- the ultimate Myeloma Lifestyle Therapy

Low and behold, WBH is:

  1. Cheap
  2. kills cancer
  3. heals depression
  4. detoxifies your body of heavy metals
  5. heart health
  6. brain healthy

I take a sauna 3-4 times weekly for about 15-20 minutes, about 200 degrees Fahrenheit and I sweat A LOT. I feel great afterwards.

Keep in mind that WBH, as a multiple myeloma therapy, for me anyway, falls into the same evidence-based, non-toxic, non-conventional category as my other multiple myeloma non-conventional therapies such as:


  • anti-angiogenic nutrition
  • anti-angiogenic, anti-inflammatory supplementation (curcumin, resveratrol, green tea extract, etc.)
  • frequent, moderate exercise
  • evidence-based mind-body therapies
  • massage, others

And I have remained in complete remission from my incurable blood cancer since 1999. The studies linked an excerpted below explain that whole-body hyperthermia (sauna) is cytotoxic to multiple myeloma.

To learn more about evidence-based non-conventional multiple myeloma therapy scroll down the page, post a question or comment and I will reply to you ASAP.

Thank you,

David Emerson

  • MM Survivor
  • MM Cancer Coach
  • Director PeopleBeatingCancer

Recommended Reading:

Involvement of Cytokines in the Mechanism of Whole-Body Hyperthermia-Induced Cardioprotection

Background—Hyperthermia increases cardiac tolerance to ischemia/reperfusion injury and activates manganese superoxide dismutase (Mn-SOD), an intrinsic radical scavenger, in myocardium in a biphasic manner. Tumor necrosis factor-α (TNF-α) and interleukin-1β (IL-1β) induced a biphasic cardioprotection that corresponded to the activation of Mn-SOD…

Manganese superoxide dismutase regulation and cancer.

“Extensive studies on manganese superoxide dismutase (MnSOD) have demonstrated that MnSOD plays a critical role in the development and progression of cancer. Many human cancer cells harbor low levels of MnSOD proteins and enzymatic activity, whereas some cancer cells possess high levels of MnSOD expression and activity. This apparent variation in MnSOD level among cancer cells suggests that differential regulation of MnSOD exists in cancer cells and that this regulation may be linked to the type and stage of cancer development...”

Whole Body Hyperthermia: The Future of Depression Treatment?

“Researchers have found that whole-body hyperthermia (WBH) is promising as a safe and rapidly acting treatment for depression, with long-lasting benefits after a single session, compared with placebo…

Based on this knowledge, the researchers have conducted various animal and human studies on hyperthermia’s effects on the brain and its possible effects on symptoms of depression. In a small open trial of WBH in humans, the researchers found that one session of WBH was significantly associated with reduced depressive symptoms 5 days after treatment.4…

Basic principles in hyperthermic tumor therapy.

“Literature on hyperthermic tumor therapy in the past 10 years has grown exponentially. Since 1975 three international symposia on cancer therapy by hyperthermia have been held.

Hyperthermia is of clinical interest in the temperature range of 40 degrees-43 degrees C. Higher temperatures of 44 degrees-46 degrees C are not clinically realizable. With local heat application a higher elevation of tissue temperature is possible. Whole-body hyperthermia in men is limited physiologically, as the rate of complications increases exponentially above 42 degrees C. The heat dose normally is defined by temperature degree and time of temperature elevation. Hyperthermia has several effects on tumor cells…”

Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, and Mercury in Sweat: A Systematic Review

Arsenic, cadmium, lead, and mercury may be excreted in appreciable quantities through the skin, and rates of excretion were reported to match or even exceed urinary excretion in a 24-hour period. This is of particular interest should renal compromise limit urinary excretion of toxic elements…”

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Mike Carroll says a few months ago

I have MM and have decided I am going to try to cure myself using the Metabolic Theory of Cancer. I do not have access to drugs like phenylbutarate or 2-DG or DON. I will try to use a reduced calorie KD and fenbendazole and BHB to control my MM. I am interested in hyper thermal therapy and cold showers to add to the mix of my custom MM protocol. If you could give me a few words of wisdom it would be appreciated. Thanks, mike

    David Emerson says a few months ago

    Hi Mike-

    I replied to this directly via email.

    David Emerson

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Connie Blackwell says a couple of years ago

Im on chemo, wandered if a sauna would help my multiple myeloma.

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Connie- According to research, whole-body hyperthermia (sauna) increases the efficacy of proteasome inhibitors (Velcade) and kills MM stem cells. Important to detox as well.


    David Emerson

Brett Myers says a couple of years ago

Hello David, my wife is preparing for a bone marrow transplant in her MM journey. We are considering purchasing a sauna. Is there any difference in the benefit between traditional vs infrared for MM therapy?

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Brett-

    According to the research that I have read on the issue of whole-body hyperthermia and MM, the issue is to raise the internal body temperature. How you do this- bath, heated blanket, Finnish sauna, infra-red sauna, all make no difference.

    I wish you and your wife the best of luck going forward. And hang in there,

    David Emerson

Terri Kring says a couple of years ago

Is a spa with water as affective as a dry sauna?

    David Emerson says a couple of years ago

    Hi Terri-

    When you say “spa with water” I believe you are referring to a hot tub? My understanding of the studies is that the key is to increase the
    body’s internal temperature. This is what causes sweat (detox), mm stem cell apoptosis, lower BP, etc.

    David Emerson

Hind annahidh says 3 years ago

Greeting Mr David. And thanks for the valuble info.
Can i ask what do you mean by 200 degrees fahrenheit?
The place temprature?
I think that is like beeing in a medium heat oven 😅

    David Emerson says 3 years ago

    Hi Hind-

    200 degrees Fahrenheit is the heat in the sauna were I took my sauna. I can’t speak for the temperature setting for all saunas.

Riana Aulet says 3 years ago

If i use a portable home sauna will that work?

    David Emerson says 3 years ago

    Hi Riana,

    According to research, portable home saunas, (infrared heat) provide the same benefit, the same whole-body hyperthermia as Finnish saunas do.

    David Emerson

RICHARD says 3 years ago

I have just been diagnosed with MGUS from my Kappa Light Chain, Free, Serum reading of 23.8 (range 3.3-19.4). I was wondering what your opinion on sauna use being helpful to possibly prevent the onset of MM? I have the same question pertaining to sitting in a hot tub (spa). Congratulations on being in submission for so many years, especially in light of what the medical literature states as the 5 year survival rate.

    David Emerson says 3 years ago

    Hi Richard,

    I sent a reply directly to your email address.

    David Emerson

      Mary Ann says a couple of years ago

      Hello David. Would you please send me a reply to my email as well on the topic of using a sauna and what’s best, traditional vs infrared, and if using a hot tub is ok for MM patients? Thanks

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Astrid Kolb says 7 years ago

What is: “Anti-MM nutrition” ?

    David Emerson says 7 years ago

    Hi Astrid-

    When I refer to anti-mm nutrition I am talking about two types of nutrition. First, as you may have read in the press, there are foods that are “cleaner” than others. Think reducing sugar, animal fats, more fruits and veggies, etc. Secondly, there are foods that studies have shown are cause apoptosis in MM. Two of the non-toxic therapies that I follow daily, weekly, etc. are whole body hyperthermia and anti-MM nutrition. Anti-MM nutrition, bone health, and mind-body therapies too. Again, all supported by research.

    Have you been diagnosed with MM? If so, what stage? Any symptoms such as bone pain, fatigue or kidney failure?

    David Emerson
    MM Survivor
    MM Cancer Coach
    Director PBC

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